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Skin cyst


A cyst is a lump that develops in the tissues. There are many variations of skin cysts that are visible or palpable under the skin. They can be located in any part of the skin. Among the most common are:
- Synovial cysts, developing near a joint, in the synovial membrane surrounding the joints;
- mucoid cysts, affecting the mucosal walls lining of certain organs such as the stomach or lung structure;
- intestinal cysts;
- epidermoid cysts, developed on the surface layer of the skin;
- pilonidal cysts in follicles;
- sebaceous cysts, affecting the sebaceous gland, which secretes a substance rendering the skin oily, found mainly in acne ...


The symptoms of a cyst are quite recognizable:
- production of a lump on the skin that is visible or palpable;
- occasional pain in the affected area;
- Increase in heat, redness and swelling are suspected infections of the cyst.
Cysts in some locations may be particularly uncomfortable, especially synovial cysts that may hinder movements, pilonidal cysts in the buttocks that often become infected, or cysts in the feet that hinder walking ...


The diagnosis is clinical. The cyst is easily visible and palpable. A puncture can be performed (upon medical advice) to eliminate the possibility of a cancerous tumor.


The management depends on the type of cyst. In most cases, the cysts are benign and produce no symptoms. If there is severe discomfort or doubt about the nature, the following steps are taken:
- monitor the progress of the cyst;
- perform surgery: extract the cyst under general anesthesia, especially in case of infection.