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Disorders of the penis


Disorders of the penis are diverse in nature. There are infections, often sexually transmitted, which can cause skin lesions, such as genital herpes, syphilis and chancroid, or can sometimes be a sign of an infection by the HIV virus. These diseases can affect any or all parts of the penis, the glans, the foreskin (skin covering the glans), or the shaft of the penis. Fungal infections are also common. Other conditions that may affect the penis are phimosis, paraphimosis, Peyronie's disease, gangrene Fournier, fracture, priapism, or cancer of the penis.


Clinical symptoms depend on the underlying disease:
  • a skin lesion in the form of a rash or a "pimple" in case of a sexually transmitted infection or fungus;
  • Itching can be present;
  • an inability to retract the foreskin, the case of phimosis;
  • the contraction of the penis at its base by the foreskin, called paraphimosis;
  • curvature of the erect penis, in cases of Peyronie's disease;
  • redness and a dark tissue of the penis with fever and pain, in the case of Fournier's gangrene (rare);
  • a sharp pain with hematoma in a context of trauma to the erect penis, when missteps occur during coitus;
  • prolonged erection that won't go away, in the case of priapism;
  • a lesion on the penis, in cases of cancer of the penis.


There are as many diagnoses as diseases of the penis. The doctor will observe at first physical signs while questioning the patient about his lifestyle, habits and family history. If an STI is suspected, an analysis of the lesion is made. Other diagnoses are usually clinical, and any additional examinations are performed for research impact and complications. In the case of cancer, an MRI is sometimes necessary.


Treatment depends on the cause of the disease of the penis: the treatment of infection, or the mechanism causing the symptoms. In cancer cases, amputation of the penis is sometimes necessary.

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