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Molluscum pendulum


A molluscum is a benign tumor of the skin that can take on many forms. In the case of molluscum pendulum, it is a small growth on the surface of the skin that is connected by a pedicle that is much finer than the tumor itself. Molluscum pendulum can be manifested in many colors: transparent to dark brown. Its origin is poorly understood; but some speculate a disruption of the skin glands. These lesions usually appear on the back, neck, or body folds such as the armpits or on the eyelids. Their size is typically about a few millimeters, and rarely larger than a centimeter.


A molluscum pendulum has the following symptoms:
  • soft tissue lesions that are attached to the skin by a thin stalk called a pedicle;
  • ranging from flesh-colored to dark brown;
  • ranging in size from a few millimeters to just over a centimeter;
  • aside from a question of aesthetic value, or discomfort caused by the fact that a molluscum can get caught on clothing, a molluscum itself is not responsible for any symptoms.


Molluscum pendulum is diagnosed clinically. In doubtful cases, a dermatologist can remove the lesion, but their presentation is usually characteristic and easily recognizable.


Given the absence of symptoms, it is not necessary to seek treatment. However, for aesthetic or functional purposes, removal is possible. A cut at the base of molluscum pendulum, its pedicle, is carried out with at most a light local anesthesia.


There is no way to prevent the appearance of molluscum pendulum.