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Dental arthritis

Arthritis is usually mentioned in the case of the inflammation of a joint. However, dental arthritis is when it is the ligament that holds the root of a tooth that is inflamed. There is therefore no arthritis in the first sense and it is by derogation that we use the term arthritis in this case.


Dental arthritis has several possible causes:
  • an improper fitting or ill-fitting implant;
  • a non or poorly treated decay;
  • a violent shock that traumatizes the ligament.


Dental arthritis causes pain that lasts several days and evolves in spurts. This pain is due to the inflammation of the ligament that is compressed. This causes wear, mobility and destruction of the tooth. The patient gradually feels the sensation of his tooth moving, as if it were going to fall out. Dental arthritis also causes bad breath. In some cases it can occur without any particular symptoms.


The diagnosis is usually easy enough for a regular dentist. The patient just needs to bring up the various elements of his suffering:
  • pain and the feeling of a loose tooth;
  • a history of pain (due to trauma);
  • an inflamed area;
  • the presence of bad breath;
  • possibly the presence of pain in a dental implant (this is often the case).


Treatment of dental arthritis begins by treating the cause. It can be either to restore balance by correcting a dental implant or an unsuitable prosthesis, or by treating a cavity. Generally, treatment is coupled with the intake of analgesics and / or anti-inflammatory drugs for a few days so that the pain is tolerable while the inflammation is disappearing.


It is simple enough to prevent dental arthritis by adopting a good oral hygiene. It is therefore necessary to carefully brush your teeth three times a day after meals for 3 minutes. Do not hesitate to use dental floss or interdental brushes to clean hard-to-reach areas. You must have at least one annual visit to the dentist to ensure the good health of your teeth, and as needed to quickly check the cause of a pain.

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