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Parasite under the skin


A parasitic skin disease is when parasites slip into or under the skin. The most common skin parasites are pediculosis, infections by lice or scabies. Scabies is a skin condition caused by the presence of a parasite, Sarcoptes scabiei hominis. The parasite lays its eggs in the epidermis. To do this, the female will dig furrows in the skin, which are sometimes visible.
Scabies is a highly contagious disease.


==Symptoms== of scabies are characteristic and the context is evocative (recent contact with a person infected or suspected of being infected with scabies?). Symptoms include:
- most importantly, night itching;
- Skin lesions in suggestive locations: wrist, between fingers, buttocks, thighs, genitals, navel, nipple;
- Specific skin lesions on the palms, wrists and between the fingers, and grooves that reflect the path of the female parasite under the skin;
- Red itchy nodules in the genital organs, called nodular scabies.
In elderly and immunocompromised individuals, the disease may spread to the whole body, and itching may be less important.


A diagnosis is made after clinical examination. The furrows dug by the female parasite are fickle but visible and characteristic. The scabies grooves can also be identified with staining ink. Sometimes, a sampling is performed in order to perform a microscopic observation.


==Treatment== will be applied to the patient and his entourage. It may consist of a single dose of treatment taken orally, ivermectin. Some topical treatments are also used. There are several: benzyl benzoate, pyrethroids, lindane. Antibiotics may also be added in case of the infection of lesions.
The treatment is accompanied by precautions to eliminate parasites, such as washing clothes, bed linens, and chairs covers (which were in contact with the patient) at 60° C. Items that cannot pass into the machine can be treated with a pesticide. The environment and health authorities should be notified for a strategy of support, especially when the infestation area is deemed common (schools, dorms ...). The isolation of the individual and usual hygiene precautions are necessary.

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