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Balanitis in children


Balanitis is an inflammation of the glans of the penis. Balanitis can affect the glans itself, the tip of the penis, but can also affect the foreskin, in which case the name of the inflammation is balano-posthitis. Balanitis is common in children, being caused by less than thorough hygiene: the glans is covered by the foreskin and the child does not pull it back to clean it, creating an environment that is favorable for infections.


Balanitis manifests itself in children with following symptoms:
  • itching and lesions;
  • painful urination;
  • red spots on the glans or penis;
  • the presence of a whitish discharge from the meatus;
  • swelling of the glans.


The diagnosis is usually obvious and made quickly by the physician. Without signs of complication, no further examination is necessary.


Balanitis in children requires no drug treatment. Washing with water and sometimes sitz baths are recommended. Soap and proper hygiene will help with a rapid return to normal and the disappearance of symptoms.


To prevent balanitis in children, it is important to regularly pull back the foreskin to wash the glan with a pH neutral soap. The child will have to learn this so that it becomes routine. It would also be best to avoid shower gels and bubble baths and use rather a pH-neutral soap. Cotton underwear is also preferable as it is less irritating for the skin.