Intimate dryness

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Intimate dryness is when the vagina is not properly hydrated. Intimate dryness is a symptom that can affect all women, especially those who are menopausal, pregnant or young mothers. In addition to the hormonal changes involved in these three cases, vaginal dryness can be caused by:
  • stress and anxiety;
  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs;
  • certain contraceptives;
  • certain medications;
  • a genital infection ...

Taboo, intimate dryness is often hidden from physicians and gynecologists. However, the disease is very treatable.


Intimate dryness is manifested by a lack of moisture in the vagina. Signs that may suggest the latter are varied:
  • redness of the external genitalia;
  • irritation;
  • itching;
  • local inflammation ...

In addition, it creates a greater susceptibility to infection. Intimate dryness may affect the sex life of a couple as it can cause pain during intercourse, called dyspareunia, or decrease libido.


To diagnose intimate dryness, the doctor will try to find out more about the patient via her medical history. He will then perform a clinical and gynecological examination. To determine the origin of the inner dryness, the doctor or gynecologist may prescribe:
  • a blood test including hormone assays;
  • a vaginal culture.


To treat vaginal dryness, avoid certain factors that can provoke it. Affected women can also use certain drugs for local rehydration such as lubricants or gels. If the patient is at the age of menopause or if the intimate dryness is due to a hormonal disorder, hormonal replacement therapy may be prescribed.


To prevent vaginal dryness, it is important to have a good local hygiene but not too often, and to not use substances that are too aggressive. Alcohol, tobacco and other substances should be avoided, and wearing underwear in a non-aggressive material like cotton is recommended. One should also try as much as possible to relieve the stress of everyday life. Sex should also be had with proper lubrication of the vagina, either naturally or with the use of lubricants.