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Genital warts


Genital warts are small skin tumors that are located around the genitals or anus. Genital warts are most commonly caused by the papilloma virus, otherwise known as HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). This virus is sexually transmitted. The appearance of genital warts is facilitated by local irritation and transmission is attributed to the practice of multiple unprotected sex partners. They are mainly present in the 16-25 years age group.


It may take several years before the onset of symptoms. The subject may be contaminated and be carrying the disease without showing any symptoms. In general, there is no other clinical evidence that the virus carrying these warts is present, including no pain. There are two kinds of warts that are essentially found around the vagina in women, and the opening of the urinary tract, sheath and head of the penis in men, the anal presence being similar for both sexes:
  • the size of condyloma acuminata, also known as venereal warts, varies from a few millimeters to 1 cm and can be large in number, up to several dozen;
  • other genital warts that are pinkish in color and sometimes invisible to the naked eye.


The diagnosis is made after a thorough clinical examination of the genital tract in men and women. This will be allow lesions to be located, if they are present. Otherwise, acetic acid may be used to highlight them. Additional tests may be prescribed: smears, samples taken... to confirm the diagnosis.
An examination of the anal area is also recommended in all patients who may have genital warts.


Treatment may consist of applying creams or ointments directly on the warts. Another treatment will use electrocoagulation to remove the warts, or the application of liquid nitrogen or laser treatment. Treatment should be backed up with knowledge and prevention to avoid further contamination.


Abstinence and safe sex are two ways to prevent contamination.

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