Eating disorder

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I don't know what's wrong with me. I eat so much and still I feel like I need to eat more. I can have more than five meals in a day. In addition, I eat all sort of snacks in between the meals. I know that this not a healthy thing and that's why I'm requesting you to help me eat so much.
Thanks in advance.
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Thank you
What weight are you please? You must getting your eating under control. You have an eating disorder. Speak to your doctor and get some help, counselling wiould help. Replace your snacks with fruit in the mean time. Take care and good luck
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Thank you
You will definitely have to get yourself busy. Please consider doing some sports, I mean regular sports. It may be some jogging or you can also join a gym. You must take care of this, the earlier it is, the better it is for avoiding unwanted diseases.
Good luck!
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