Shall I keep this child

 Eilish -
I met back my ex and we used to meet every week without any formal engagements between the two of us. But I fell pregnant unknowingly and now I am at a complete lost. It did not work between the two of us because he was young and enjoying his life and now he has changed and is very excited about the pregnancy. I am at 2 weeks but still considering abortion as I am confused. Please help me. He is living with a friend in a rented apartment and I have one also but I am alone with two rooms, will this do for all of us? I am very upset and nervous.

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This is about whether to keep your baby or not? How old are you please? Does your boyfriend wish to live with you and look after you and the baby? You will neev support, from him or your family to bring this baby up in todays world. Please go and talk to your doctor about your situation. Only you can make this difficult descision have an honest talk to your boyfriend. Take care and good luck