The risks of high blood pressure

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What are the chances that high blood pressure may result in death please?
Thank you.
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Thank you
This would depend on many things. How high your blood pressure was and for how long you had this condition. Why do you ask about this? Are you ill? You can avoid being so ill that you die, by good care and correct treatment. Usually it is due to having a brain clot, and then a stroke. Please do not worry just get yourself checked out. Good luck
I have heard that if you take a small amount of aspirin it thins the blood and can help prevent stroke. Also, in some countries like New Zealand, they have blood pressure monitors in some pharmacies. I know, as I just got mine checked in last few days.

It is interesting this: this is what happened: I was in NZ and booked a trip to a foreign country in early 2014 that was a long flight. I got swollen ankles the day after I had booked and paid for the trip due to presumably my having to sleep in my car for two nights (I had booked into a motel, but on two nights over the weekend, it was booked out, so I chose to save money for those two nights by sleeping in my car, rather than another motel). Then, as a result of this, my ankles were swollen. It was very annoying, especially as I had stayed in my car previously in driving around NZ in the previous weeks, and had not had this happen, or if it did, nothing like this. I ignored it, and went on the trip anyway. I got even more swollen ankles on the flight. Really really bad. I ignored that too. It went away soon after, with no treatment. A few weeks later I went to a doctor who tested my blood pressure and it was high (top figure: about 150). A few months later I got it checked again in that same country , and it was 140/ xyz . Then, I was on a trip back from this country to NZ and stopped in transit at another place and went to a doctor there while waiting. Blood pressure was 153/ xyz High again. I have not been to any doctor since getting back but got it checked in last few days and it was on first reading 153/ xyz and after a ten minute wait: 138/ xyz. So, I don't know how accurate these pharmaceutical machines are, but it was very useful to find out that it drops so much in 10 minutes.

Is that interesting or useful? It shows maybe that these blood pressure monitors are not a waste of time, as it reflects the previous measurement. I am a freelance writer, not a doctor or anything.

As to whether a person can die: I wondered about this too: I was quite worried. *Normally I have blood pressure of approx. 120/xyz). I hope I don't die, too.

What a nuisance though: getting the symptom just after I'd booked the trip.

Hope this might be useful.

Katrina Wood
New Zealand
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