Diagnosed with asthma

 Wqab -
I have a three years old son, he has frequesnt episodes of coughing. The cough syrup didn't do him any good and finally the doctors said that he has asthma. He is still under treatment. I wanted to know whether the treatment is working because it's already been three months that he is under treatment.
Thanks in advance.

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If your son has asthma he will need to be on treatment for a long time, so be patient. How is he now? Asthma can be triggered by a virus or allergy or if your son was to run around. Asthma treatment consists of two types of inhalors the brown inhalor is for the prevention of asthma attacks, and the blue inhalor is for the relief of the coughing. Hope that helps. Get your son reviewed by his doctor and he may be able to step down his treatment while he is well.
It is a very long treatment depending on the person's will to get well. Do encourage him for following his treatment properly. And also, have some patience!