Dentist phobia

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So, am in a very strange plight. The person or the thing that scare me the most, I tend to feel compelled to go towards them. I have dentist phobia and despite the times I've been to a dentist for an extraction, I still feel this fear. In the mean time my teeth are decaying one after the other. My wisdom teeth are growing in all directions to give me much more pain than ever. I'm stuck between life and death.
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ccore 3 Posts Saturday April 21, 2012Registration date May 15, 2012 Last seen - Apr 22, 2012 at 06:36 PM
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How old are you please? You must look after your teeth, and gain the confidence to visit your dentist for the care your teeth need. As you said, your teeth are decaying one after the other; this shows the bad effect of your phobia. You are putting yourself in a more complicated state to get hurt a lot. It's better to put this fear aside and just go to the dentist to get rid of these dental pains as soon as possible.
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Venuscia 11 Posts Monday November 28, 2011Registration date April 23, 2012 Last seen - Apr 23, 2012 at 08:31 AM
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I don't want to know about your age or anything else my advice is that you need to feel the urgence of the situation.
Decaying teeth with cause you pain and much more complications and problems, this damages your social life and much more so try to work out your fear.

Ask about a nice dentist who is friendly within your surroundings and once there tell the person sincerely that you are afraid and that he or she could be a little be careful with you. Else see a psychologist or counselor
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Synestra 7 Posts Wednesday December 21, 2011Registration date April 24, 2012 Last seen - Apr 24, 2012 at 03:41 AM
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Since when are you having this problem please?
Since when don't you visit the dentist? This could be very dangerous and serious for your life and the more you wait the more it is going to cost.

Take your courage and give a try
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hassangill 1 Posts Wednesday August 14, 2013Registration date August 14, 2013 Last seen - Aug 14, 2013 at 06:36 AM
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If you have had a toothache, you know how uncomfortable the whole experience will be. You will not be able to sleep or eat until the dental problem is taken care of. In such a situation, being afraid of a dentist or a dental procedure will not be helpful. Wither you'll have to visit a dentist or look for an alternative that's most suitable in a situation like yours.

It is on this premise that holistic dentistry is based. According to holistic dentistry practice, dental problems can have a serious effect on overall health and vice versa. As a result, holistic dentists believe that it is only if your whole body is healthy that your oral health will be ensured. When you visit a holistic dentist, you will notice the differences in both manner of examination and the dentist's office itself. Everything around you will feel cozy and comforting. Honestly, there is really nothing intimidating or scary about a holistic dentist's office.

Essential for you to understand is that you do not need to visit a dentist for you to practice holistic dentistry. Actually, holistic dentists advise that you start practicing holistic dentistry from home. Below are the best ways for you to do so:

Proper nutrition: We have all been told of the amazing benefits of eating right to our overall health. However, what you probably do not know is that proper nutrition could go a long way in ensuring that your oral health is maintained. By eliminating excess sugars from your diet, you not only improve your overall health, but also reduce the possibility of getting dental cavities.

Mouthwash: If you cannot afford a store bought mouthwash or feel that those are not good for you, you could always make your own. All you need is distilled water, essential oils and apple cider vinegar. There are so many ingredients that you could choose to make a mouthwash that is both affordable and healthy. You could also go as far as making your own toothpaste. A simple search on the web will help you establish the ingredients and methods of making such a mouthwash and toothpaste.

If you have to take tea, try green tea: Green tea has been largely advocated for because of it many health benefits. It contains antioxidants and other compounds that not ensure the health of your heart, but also offer protection to your oral health, that is the gums and teeth.

The above might seem like really simple things, but if practiced right, they might go a long way in ensuring that you do not have cavities for some time. When you have 'all-good' with your teeth, visiting a dentist won't haunt you at all; in fact you will always feel good to go to the dentist for a simple checkup and for the dentist to praise you that you are taking good care of your teeth. This is certainly better than visiting a dentist only to have your teeth drilled or removed. However, even when trying your holistic dentistry methods at home, it is still recommended that you visit a holistic dentist regularly. This way, the dentist will be able to check you out and possibly offer more advice as to how you can maintain your oral health. Remember that even with a dentist, your health is really your responsibility.

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svjake 26 Posts Sunday December 8, 2013Registration date December 23, 2013 Last seen - Dec 23, 2013 at 01:38 AM
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i feel for you man. also you are in a very large group of people for what ever reason feels as you do. in my life ive had wisdom extractions, and to prepare for dental implants i sat in the chair for nearly 4 hrs so they could pull 11 out that day.after the cow bone material was added for extra support and the holes healed another guy put in 4 metal screws to hold the implants, now im not bragging but it took a year to complete and 3 different dentist, but i did not feel any real sharp pain or anything painfull due to what the dentist did while there hands were in my mouth.. there is a pressure on your gums, but they press there fingers there before giving you the painkiller stuff and the needles are so small ,, its mostly in your mind the fear of pain... and any pain ive had from infections and bad things going on with my teeth felt a thousand times worse than the cure....
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Admgil11 1 Posts Thursday April 24, 2014Registration date May 4, 2014 Last seen - May 4, 2014 at 03:16 PM
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While a phobia is defined as an irrational fear, for those who suffer it can seem like the most legitimate feeling in the world. As much as you can attempt to make yourself understand that the fear is irrational and there is, in reality, nothing to worry about, that fear can be insidious. If you are able to make an appointment for a check up with a dentist as the moment approaches the anxiety can become almost crippling.

With those who are fearful of health care procedures there can be obvious and apparent negative connotations. The effects of ignoring dental health checkups and cleanings can become obvious quite quickly. Recent studies have shown that the mouth is both an indicator and cause of larger health concerns. The natural bacteria produced in the mouth can spread out of control with poor oral health or gum disease and affect the rest of the body. Heart disease and other ailments have been linked to the bacteria associated with gingivitis. Oral infections also have the possibility of spreading to the rest of the body causing extremely serious ailments that could be otherwise avoided.

There is a large amount of advice available for those who suffer from debilitating phobias, from the simple self-help publications to medical intervention. The question of what process would be personally favorable for you can be complex. Among the options to help facilitate a visit to the dentist for those with a phobia can be a visit to a mental health professional, psychiatric help specializing in phobias can be a boon for those who have any type of phobia. Hypnotism has been shown to help individuals overcome phobias of various types and degrees of severity. While these options may seem extreme the long-term benefits may be worth the initial hard work.

For those with less severe fears, modern dentistry has developed several methods to help people get the dental healthcare that they require. Many modern dentist offices have been designed to help relax and comfort patients during the entirety of their visit. With a more relaxing environment it is hoped that those who are the most worried will be put at ease as soon as they enter the dental practice. Many dentist offices employ light sedation as an option for those who are nervous. With a simple prescription many people have found relief from the anxiety and worry they had previously associated with dental office visits. The sedation is relatively mild and will put you into a state of relaxation and help to assuage fears. With a small pill taken shortly before an office visit you can get the dental healthcare you need.

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