Weeds or cigarettes

 meka -
What's worse please? Weeds or cigarettes?
Thank you.

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i am 35 years old .through experience i can tell you that cigerettes are dangerous.so is weed.when you smoke cigerettes you are smoking 4,000 chemicals along with it.when you are smoking weed its like smoking a pack of cigerettes in 1 puff.so you tell me wich is worse.people may tell you that smoking weed is good for you because its from the earth.dont believe that.most addictive drugs are plants from the earth too.these days you dont know what you are getting when smoking weed.they put so many different things inside them .they soke the plant in many diiferent things that can hurt you.all it takes is 1 time and you can die because of this.hope this helps you