Disease Symptoms

Papanjionji - Apr 29, 2013 at 01:04 PM

I have been ailing since 2005 and when I approach the doctors no tests are done and from the symptoms given herein they give to me a certain dosage and no change is noticed. The symptoms are;
1. Sudden stomachache without diahrea,which starts below the belly and rises towards the chest with great pain.

2. Salty and watery saliva spat throughout onces the ache starts.

3. Pain in ribguage while passing urine and long call.

4. Serverer pain when I feed on mixture(maize+beans) and some traditional foods eg sweet potatoes and Cassava and a smell of any fruit juice causes the ache.

5. When pain sets in tiredness is common,become weak,and the stomach crumbles thus I wont stretch and walk upright.

6. Lastly pain sets in when am resting and late night hours.

What could be the actual disease am suffering from and what can be the imediate control and cure?? Thanks.
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