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Simply, I think that watching porn is a very big problem and it is nearly impossible to give up it. If you never watched porn, this would be good for you.
I, myself, some friend of mine let me watch one porn vedio about 15 ten years ago, then I became addicted to these porn vedios until now. If I didn't watch them, I became unable to sleep and do my work and anything else.
I really downlaod many porn vedios and then after watching them and I masturbate. So after that I hate these vedios and delete them and promise myself to not watch such vedios. After few days, I return to download again, and this case continues so.
Although my internet speed is very slow, I spend many hours to donwload these porn vedios.

It is true that sometimes I promise myself to not watch such porn vedios, but this promise lasts for very few days.

NB: I am still single and I am about 30 years old. Will if I got married, I would give up this bad habit?

Besides, I Keep my mind and body healthy by daily exercise and get out and about with friends. Also avoiding porn. But this lasts few days and then I return to what I was.

Do most people watch such porn movies and then masturbate if they are not married?

I think that masturbate is very bad habit. However, if you watched a porn movie, you must masturbate, otherwise you will never sleep and work well.

Any advises would be highly appreciated.
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Thank you
this is serious problem you musst do exersise and avoiding bad habits and mind relaxings exersises

Thank you, imran009 15

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