How do I get rid of a toothache? [Solved]


I have an abscess that made ??me horribly suffer and I would like to know if there was a magic cure, something grandmother or whatever to stop it!

It is inflated around my tooth!
Please give me a hint so I can relieve myself before going to the dentist that will take me until the end of the month.

thank you in advance
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Thank you

I propose a good remedy of my grandmother:

In a casserole, warm:
- 2 glasses of water with
- 2 tablespoons of wine vinegar and
- 1 big tablespoon coarse salt

bring to boil...

rinse your mouth with this without swallowing and trouble disappeared.
I try it and it works well.
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Thank you
Take ice on it and when you cant feel the pain only the cold try to take it out! And call a dentist to take it all out and stop the infection
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Thank you

I boiled water, I put a handful of cloves and I was mouthwash with it! but do not expect too much, going to the dentist!
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Thank you
chew a clove for 15 minutes. this is not good, but it is effective

good luck
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