What are normal ejaculation habits for man? [Solved]

if I read any subject about intercourse, I'm about to ejaculate, and when if I watch any sexual scene including intercourse I ejaculate, either if it is for less than one minute
is that a problem or normal
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hey abu, you a much stronger man than i was, back then there was noway i could have talked about that.. and i dont understand why there are so many questions on this subject these days.. im sorry and i dont mean to dis the others who advise counsuling but i gotta say that is very exspensive and i know i dont like talkin to strangers about that when all you gotta do is go see your regular doc for a check up and when hes done just look him in the eye and say doc you know how this visit would really help me and my girlfriend, i think i need the blue pill just to try it out.. what do you say doctor, it really works right? abu i dont care how many times you get to the finnish cause you just stay ready for action even after 2 or 3 races and im serious so whats to worry about have fun. relax svjake

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Hello abuayham,

If you have problems with premature ejaculation, the best thing to do is to see a sex therapist.
Do not worry, it is possible to overcome this problem and learn to control by some rehabilitation exercises.

I invite you to read this article, you will learn a little more:

Tell me if it helps you :)
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