Gum recession

 Katrina -

(This is a serious question and I hope the detail will be excused as it is necessary to put the problem in context):

If anyone has any experience developing a disfiguring gum infection for no reason at all, can they let me know? The results of gum recession are very ugly: gums recede, and it ruins your appearance. This has happened to me in the last month. I was told it was 'bizarre', that it was usually caused by 'plaque' (although I do dental floss my teeth), that it is 'not usually seen in these areas' (a social class sort of thing? I wondered? Or it occurs to me now: some suggestion regarding some other infection having transferred? But I have no other illnesses and no way to catch them either. I live alone. The only thing I noticed was a blood spot on a top sheet on my bed one day a few months ago, that I did not think was mine, but I did not touch it. Also, even if someone had gone into my house and I do not think anyone did, it could not infect a person like this. They would have had to have got my toothbrush, infected it, and then I caught it, and it seems rather unlikely to catch something like this, and anyway, antibiotics would have fixed it. I am now on the fourth set of antibiotics for this, without much success. So this explanation just does not make sense to me. '

So, it is bizarre. It is even more bizarre as I have had blood tests done earlier this year in Germany : all negative for all illnesses, including blood illnesses. I do not have Aids, or hepatitis, or any infectious illnesses. I do not have any illnesses at all. I have always had good health. I do not take any drugs, and no medication. I do not drink alcohol much. I do not smoke.
The infection is like nothing I have had before. I do not see any way I could have got it. I am told eating sugar would not have done it. What is going on, I ask myself? Does anyone have any idea what could cause such a thing?

I am somewhat suspicious of this. Particularly as I found a blood spot on a hotel bed in France in late 2010 (on a five day trip there) that I did not report to anyone at the time, and now it has happened again in NZ, in 2014, soon after getting back from a trip to Germany in which I got tests for blood illnesses, as some NZ doctors said in early 2013 when I asked , that they could not find my results for a blood test I had done in approx. 2009 or early to mid 2010. It was for an Aids test, that had not been requested by me, but done without my permission for a ''screening test'' for an operation I had to have. So, I got this blood test done again while overseas in Germany. Negative, as expected.

I am rather concerned my travel experiences are being used in some sort of unpleasant way. If this is true, I think it should be known and so I am writing this, with the knowledge I may get an unpleasant result from it, because I am a freelance writer and journalist and I think it is important to say it like you see it.

So this is how I see it.

Any comments appreciated.

Katrina Wood
New Zealand
Nov 2014.

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Hello Katrina,

I understand your dispair. Sorry for the late response.

When gums bleed and receed, it most cases the problem is caused by a bacteria. You dental hygiene may be fine, (brushing and flossing).

There are minuscule pockets that form around the teeth where the bacteria finds its way.

Not all antibiotics will work, you probably need a specific antibiotic for your condition.

You have not mentioned if you experience pain or if your gums are swollen.

The amount of blood you are losing is kind of worrysome.

I urge to consult a dental surgeon for a deep cleaning which is done under local anesthesia. If the problem persists, surgery may be required where the pockets around the teeth are removed.

Good luck
Thanks for your reply.
Actually, it does not bleed, so not sure about why you thought it did. Anyway, it is awlful, yes. It has ruined my appearance, and the symptoms can recur, of course. So, I have to be careful.

I do wonder though. The dentist said to me that there are no signs of serious gum retraction problems, and the retraction is not severe. I wonder about this. Could it be perception I asked? It was suggested I get a photo of what I looked like before.

So, hope I did not take antibiotics for nothing. Naturally, antibiotics can be resistant, which is a big media focus at the moment. ( I have to say though, that I think it is important the medical ethics of any country are good, or an argument could easily be used that a person had symtoms that they did not have due to 'perception' and symptom creation deliberately to track or map the progress of an illness would be a terrible thing. It is banned in NZ, and probably many countries).