Loss of sexual desire

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How is it possible ,even for a long term marriage, to survive when one of the partners refuses to even try to cooperate or even discuss the problem with the other?
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Hi welcome friend, I can understand your physical and mental stage at this time. I am feeling so sorry for your problem of loss of sexual desire. You should not lose hope. It is your strong will that help you to handle this horrible situation in positive way. You should read positive books and positive thinking with positive affirmation to get real time benefit in short time period to enjoy genuine result on your body and mind. It is medical certified fact that stress and depression are responsible factor for loss of sexual desire in early age. I am here for you to provide full support for your doubts very easily and provide appropriate effective method or to overcome this horrible situation in your life. I am feeling happy to help you to overcome this difficult situation in your life on behalf of my personal life experience.
It is right time to make proper planning to defeat this problem in short time period. I want to suggest you to follow these effective tips and tricks to get sudden magic effect on your health. Today we are living in digital world. We are living very busy life schedule. It is very important to have living healthy lifestyle. You should maintain your body hormone level in balance that is reliable way to get your body and mind in balance. You should start morning walk and easy exercises for your capacity and endurance to provide proper blood supply to all reproduction system. You get real time benefit in your immunity and boost your performance in intercourse. You should consume rich iron food with folic acid and calcium to get high hemoglobin with strong bone to overcome this horrible problem.
Hi, welcome to the forum. I have heard about these kinds of issues from a lot of my friends. These are clear bumps along the road in a marriage. It may be hard to talk to your partner but it is necessary or else due to the loss of communication these problems just gets bigger. Without communication situations delicate as these may go off track in a disappointing way. The advice is, you should definitely not ignore and try every possible way to talk to your partner and put in as much effort as you can. Hope this advice was helpful. Communication is the only way out, your voice needs to the work. Take care.
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