The benefit of sleep

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It may seem obvious that sleep is beneficial. Even without fully grasping what sleep does for us, we know that going without sleep for too long makes us feel terrible, and that getting a good night's sleep can make us feel ready to take on the world.

Scientists have gone to great lengths to fully understand sleep's benefits. In studies of humans and other animals, they have discovered that sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions. The features in this section explore these discoveries and describe specific ways in which we all benefit from sleep.
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Stacy_lawson 1 Posts Friday September 1, 2017Registration date September 12, 2017 Last seen - Sep 12, 2017 at 10:53 PM
Thank you
Hi Rawat

I agree with you totally. Sleep provides so many benefits as you stated. Sleepless nights are really night mares. Better sleep makes the people active in their sexual life, increases testosterone level, enhances libido. It has been found that if there is not enough sleep, the body muscle building process stops. Poor sleep leads to some chronic skin problems, anxiety, depression, mood swings. Even the quality of sleep is associated with some kinds of diseases say, heart, cancer, diabetes. When the level of sleep decreases, the immune system is totally affected.

I personally had Insomnia problem for which I took treatment from the Psychiatrist. Few months it was manageable. After discontinuing the treatment, within a month, the problem again headed. I totally stopped taking medicines. I have been in some physical and breathing exercises, reduced my body weight which is considered as a major problem for insomnia and sleep apnea. Avoided heavy food at night, trying to be relaxed during the sleeping time etc., These small work outs help me a lot. So, if anyone suffers from sleep disorders, please try to handle with home remedies.
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priyaangel2587 14 Posts Monday September 11, 2017Registration date September 22, 2017 Last seen - Sep 22, 2017 at 10:54 AM
Thank you
Hello dear friend, thank you for sharing such helpful and important information with us. I am completely agreed with you and it is very important for everyone to take proper sleep. Sleeping is very beneficial for our mental as well as physical condition. If anyone is facing problem of less sleep or no sleep, it can be very big problem and it can be very horrible situation. When it comes to live healthy and active Lifestyle, it is very important to take proper sleep. It is proved that good sleep is very important to help in various mental and physical situations. If someone is facing problem like anxiety and depression, stress, it is very important to take proper sleep to get help in such situations. When it comes to achieve any fitness goal like bodybuilding goal or any fat loss goal, it is very important to take complete sleep. Our body always need time for recovery and it can recover itself during sleep. It is also important for better immune system, metabolism and many more important functions of body. If someone is not taking proper sleep, you can easily find various mental and physical problems with it. In many diseases like heart problems, diabetes and low immune system, proper sleep is always advised by health experts. It is also important for sexual health because it is very important to increase testosterone level in males. When it comes to find proper balance of body hormones, sleep can be very helpful for it. If someone is facing such problem of Sleepless Nights, I will suggest taking proper nutrition and good regular Exercise to get rid of it. It can be really helpful in such conditions.
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