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I'm a mother of 2 years old. After delivery my breast size has increased and I'm not able to reduce it. I'm facing many health issues like shoulder pain, back pain, breathing problem, etc. I had a normal breast size with a perfect shape before delivery and I was happy with it then. Now I'm not happy to see myself in the mirror and also I'm not able to wear any party dresses. So I'm planning to do breast lift surgery from Dr Sammy Sliwin's clinic in Toronto. I have researched about this a lot and I really want to do it. My surgery is scheduled in November second week and now I'm just worried about my decision. Is my decision wrong? Should I reconsider about the surgery? Thanks!!
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Anonymous User - Dec 5, 2015 at 12:09 PM
If you have already decided to go for surgery them it's ok, but you have many other options too which is natural and much better of surgery...
Remember onething natural is natural, i handled this type of cases and I know 40% women's gain weight their body after born a baby and the biggest reason is just not proper rest after delivery,
You just need to start yoga and drink lemon with honey everyday for two months .
Also start drinking one glass of hot water when you get up in morning .
You will get back your shape and you will be happy with your natural shape. Be sure and try to do this.
For yoga I can give you few links where you can get steps .
Best of luck

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