Am i pregnant?

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Plz i need help.
My frnd had protected sex on 18 January for first time and she is not sure that the sperms touched her or not. Then she got bleeding on fixed date 5 February for seven days.(date 5 was fixed for her period for 6 months. I mean she had got period every month like5/10/2015, 5/11. 5/12, 5/1/2016 and after sex again she got period on fix date 5/2 /2016).
Also shr got period on 21 march, and again on 30 april.
So is she pregnant?
Note that she had sex just only in January.
Plz plz she is so confused about pregnancy
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Thank you
No, periods mean the body is cleaning its self out, no matter how many times you have sex, if you get a period afterwords, no matter for a day or a week, you are no pregnant, the only way to know you're pregnant, is if you dont get your period at all.
Ok thnks alot, but now she is feeling movement or flutring like some thing in her belly, ultrasound shows empty and normal uterus size, adenxa, ovaries, cervix, pouch of douglas is clear and normal , then why she feels movement in her belly sometimes in right sometimes in left side of the belly button. She just counting the weeks from February .by her calculation she will b pregnant by upto 20 weeks, so she did blood test on 13 june but the miu is 2.3.
Now she is worried about the movements in her belly.
So any comment on the movement in belly.
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