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Tuesday October 18, 2016
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October 18, 2016
Hello Dear I had my period 5th of September and it lasted for five days which end on 9th.i took postinor2 when i had unprotected sex with my guy on 9th,11,13 15th..And then my next period came 30th of September which end on 4th October this month.And again I had Unprotected sex with my guy 6th,7,8,9,11 and 14 again this month ,,I didn't take in any contraceptive ..please i don't fell too good lately feel like i am sick same time feel cramps in my abdominal as if my period want to come,and I feel nausea each morning like I wanted to vomit whenever I try blushing my teeth.I did try a [pregnancy test] twice or 3Times which shows negative.And again Went to the LAB for blood Serum pregnacy test today which still shows up Negative again. Am so confused don't know what to do Please help me am I pregnant.The information date I gave concerning my unprotected intercourse with my guy,,am I pregnant I still feel pains,Cramps within my left and right abdomine, I need your help Thank you