I want to be pregnant

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I haven't had my period since October, and Saturday my bf and I we make love and he came inside me, and Sunday morning I bleed a litle bit it was kinda pink with red and the second time I went to pee it happen the same and then during the day I never bleed that day until I went to the bathroom and I bleed a litle bit when I went to pee to. And it stop. And I have like a litle cramps after that like 3m or less of hurting a litle ¿what is this mean?
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Thank you
Hello and welcome at this online platform. I want to appreciate your courage to choose this reliable platform to share your problem. I am here for you to provide the reliable tips and tricks to solve your doubts on behalf of my person life problem. This is golden opportunity for us to help each other on personal life experience to overcome this horrible problem in your life. I can understand your mental and physical level at this time. I want to overcome this painful life at any cost. We try many powerful methods but failed every time. It is dream of every woman to enjoy baby gift in their life. I am one of the lucky women who defect infertility problem in my life. Now it is your turn I hope you take maximum benefits from my valuable feedbacks to clear your doubts in easy and effective way.
You should not panic this problem. There are 20% women all over the world who are facing same problem like you. Today we are living in medical science based world that has capacity to cure any type of problem in easy and effective way. You can start your planning to conceive effectively. You should understand the importance of regular period cycle that is directly connected to your body reproduction system. You should be every informative to understand the each and every signal very carefully. You should give rich iron food with folic acid to keep your body hormones level in high to create easy to conceive situation for you. You can start with early morning walk with yoga and meditation to get full relaxation to get real labor fruit in your life. I am waiting your reply to get good news soon.
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