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July 3, 2017
My name is jane and am very new in this forum. I would be very glad to share with everyone about my was during my second pregnancy that I started eating sweets quite so weight started to increase and exhaustion was the order of the day. The condition deteriorated to an extent of having endless headaches. I always felt very lethargic. I was always scared and upset by my condition and preferred a home birth. Through screening, I learned was suffering from gestational diabetes. I started thinking of how to treat diabetes. Practicing every morning and changing diet was the advice I adhered body was deprived of carbohydrates and very other crucial nutrients. I was advised to take fruits such as banana and an apple each day. My blood sugar went down a bit and had to do the test every morning. Swelling subsidized and felt a bit healthy. I had to change the eating plan to make sure that my health doesn’t go down. Within a couple of months, I had lost a few pounds and almost returned to normal.