What role do men play in fertility? [Solved]

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i need help
i have had this issue nagging me for sometime. while others advocate for the exclusion of men in women affairs, men should be part of it. for instance, the question i get in many forums is whether women can exclusively control their fertility.
what i mean here is from my point of view, men seem to isolate women as key determinants. it is for a fact that you find women taking the blame for issues to do with fertility in the house.

my question- should men also look at the cycle of ovulation when trying for pregnancy? must this follow the woman's body pattern or the man also has something to do with it?
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Thank you
this me thinking,
it would better if he just knows that you are trying for a child but dont confuse him by telling him the time when you are rely ready. the pressure might lead to him not performing at his peak, if you get what i mean..... make it fun and not work for him for better results my dear

Thank you, victoriaborkowska 1

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saurah015 4 Posts Sunday July 16, 2017Registration date July 17, 2017 Last seen - Jul 17, 2017 at 11:27 AM
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It does not rest only with the woman. You and your partner both have important roles to play. You will, after all, contribute half of your child's chromosomes. There are things you can do to increase both your chances of conception and your odds of having a healthy baby.
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I genuinely think that the discussion is between both husband and wife. They are married and are equal partners. They have equal say in what happens. Having a baby is a big responsibility and should be well thought about. I would love to see my husband being involved in such a thing. This is because the baby would be as much his as it would be mine. Babies are a big responsibility and have a huge impact on both the husband and wife's futures. The man should know about fertility and ovulation etc. The man should know when his wife is on and off her periods. The man should be present at all times. He should be active before, during and after pregnancy. This would help the wife alot. Firstly she would feel loved and supported. Also she would be feeling more positive which in turn would help the baby as the wife's mood has affects on the baby too. There is no gender bias on such a topic. Babies are precious and thus are cherished by both mother and father.
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Thank you
it’s a good topic. In male dominant society, it was compulsory to highlight this thing. As I think woman and man who are married are the dress of each other. Both know the good and bad habits of each other. They share their sorrow or happiness in difficult or hard time. Couples are considered to be one unit. No one can hide anything from each other. But due to bad custom, I don’t know who developed it when a woman declared infertile or having pregnancy issues by her physician society become against of her. Even in-laws of a woman compelled their boy to leave her and get a second marriage just because of the child. they think this is her fault and we should move on by leaving her alone here. But I think sometimes that how these such cheap persons can leave their wives while loving them more. Our society and community should make their thoughts and think at such level where it can be appreciated. By luck or due to the awareness some clinics have made a compulsory check of male and female. Now even clinics who offer treatment of infertility and even a single checkup make sure that both partners are present or not. We should appreciate their efforts in a manner to remove ignorance. They are trying to rid out and spreading awareness. A woman should discuss each and everything related to her pregnancy to her husband. Most of the woman feel shy and in this shyness, they destroy their future. It’s better to discuss with your husband before going to doctor.
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