I escaped hair balding with a whisker

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My name is Maggie and I would like to share an insightful story about my smoking life. When I was growing up, I was taught to always follow values of our society. One of the most keys was that; a lady is not supposed to take alcohol. It never seemed to mean anything to me but what befell me later is a story to narrate. At the age of six years, I was experienced in taking puffs of a cigarette. I never imagined I could take tea or coffee as a stimulant. Smoking weed was the quencher of the thirst that was brought about by a cigarette. Bearing children never crossed my mind. Peer influence made my life so complicated and I had to turn to untoward behaviors. The moment I turned twenty years old, my skin color started changing. I was never worried about my mummy’s submission that I should stop smoking. The structure of my skin started becoming rough. I thought I had started to develop a skin cancer. On visiting the medics, I was warned more than once that if I didn’t stop smoking a cigar, squamous cells in my skin would start growing dramatically. It could also increase the likelihood of fungal nail infections. It was a short time that my hair started changing color due to the increase of nicotine. Avoiding and fearing hair loss, I visited the medic for advice and I instantly stopped smoking. I avoided later consequences of hair graying and balding. Though it took time for me to change back to my real health, I rose to my normal self and now am breathing a fresh air.
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Hi. Thank you for giving us an enlightenment from your condition. In a nutshell, through my research, I have learnt that smoking causes an accumulation of tar in the blood vessels. This limits a continuous flow of blood and nutrients to the hair follicles. Lack of nutrients in the hair follicles can limit the growth of hair which ultimately leads to baldness. But when someone stops smoking completely, enough nutrients flow to the follicles and hair start growing again. Hope that too will help you. Thank you.
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