Do erratic periods affect fertility? [Solved]

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to be honest, i love every bit of posts here. i'm a newlywed woman who has had to spend sleepless nights lately trying tom find a solution to a problem on my ovulation.
mine has been rather erratic and unpredictable. in some instances, I only spot which I have always worried about. I have in most of my woman life feared the prospect of the arrival of the menstrual period.
The catch is, I'm in the process of TTC. the effort has not borne fruit with the doctor citing issues to do with counting the ovulation cycle. sincerely, I'm at a loss. I can't even tell when I ovulate.
could there be something more than this? I never experience the change in temperature and the ovulation pains though I have not been keen on the mucus. With this information, I can bet now I have the confidence.
However, one thing still disturbs. how can a woman with erratic periods like me count the days to predict the next? I hear there are clinics where one can go to get assistance. can you please give reference to some of them?
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Monday June 19, 2017
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July 3, 2017
Thank you
Thanks Christine for sharing your experiences. Through the experience that I have found through my research plus my own experience, I found that unpredictability of ovulation can be as a result of stress. Stress disturbs the hormonal balance that makes ovulation possible. In the end, it can really cause the unusual occurrences of ovulation since the brain is also affected. Thank you.

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