BFF stole something stupid...

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Disclaimer: this will sound like a cliche stereotypical "girl" fight but it's a lot deeper than that. Humor me.

So this friend and I have known each other for 20 years. Over the last decade we've become a lot closer and now I call her my best friend/sister. We don't live in the same state but we talk on a daily basis. We can talk to each other about anything truly no holds barred! Ok so she was visiting this week. We've both been doing the sns powder manicures which I just realized this week after removing the manicure w/out quickly reapplying in the salon that my nails are soft as paper and in pain when they come in contact w anything.

I visited her at her brothers home and I brought a nail polish "pink armor" w me. Cost 10 bucks but actually does what it says it will. It's hard to find in stores in here in NY and so when I left it behind I made the effort to get it back because my nails really are in pain.

So I come home tonight after picking it up and saying goodbye go to use it. I realize it's not the same color, consistency, has a stronger odor and just feels different after it's on. I'm positive she switched out the polish w a regular sally Hansen hard as nails.

I realize it's just a $10 polish. But that is what makes it even more upsetting. Really you stole polish instead of just getting it for yourself??? Seems so ridiculous. If you're willing to do something like that to me what kind of friendship do we have? What other stupid stuff would you be willing to do to me?

I don't know what to do w this. I can't prove it, she'll deny it because who wouldn't but I know I'm not going crazy. She asked me about it more than once after I told her I left it and needed it back. I even shared her the product info from amazon. Her nails are also in bad shape for the same reason and she asked about where she could get it.

What adult does this kind of thing? This is so ridiculous! Can I call this person my bf?? I have literally been thinking, "this is why my husband has no friends. I should just get rid of them all." I am wondering what other ridiculous stuff she has lied about. I know this seems silly it not the polish it's just the principalities!! So you're willing to take from me and you also think I'm dumb!

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
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