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Hi ladies -
I am currently in my second round with IVF. My first attempt in January was positive, but I ended up pregnant with twins - both ectopic. I lost the left tube, but feel now that I'm OK with having one less tube to worry about this round. Here's my question for today. We had our egg retrieval yesterday and retrieved 12. 11 were mature, but only 4 fertilized! I did a day 5 transfer last time with the 2 and froze 1, but started with 6 fertilized on day 1. I know that I shouldn't harp on the fact that there were "just" 4. Any 4 of those could end up being our child - this is where I'm TRYING to keep my head. BUT I'm just wondering what experience you all have with how many embryos typically make it out to day 3 and day 5. I'm worried, naturally. Any help you can give is appreciated.
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Thank you
It's actually variable depending on a lot of things - primarily egg quality. Though sperms quality counts too but not as much as egg quality. It's a proven fact that the healthier the eggs are the more are the chance of success. Whatever fertility assistance you're going through, the dependency on egg quality remains the same. Usually, the number of embryo < the number of eggs retrieved - mostly around 50% but there are always exceptions in both lower and higher extremes. I think 3 embie suitable for transfer in the first round isn't really a bad count. I wasn't left with an option for any frostie my remaining two embryos weren't viable for cryofreeze - don't remember the clinical explanation of it anymore. So, there's always a bright side, you see you've had 1 frostie and I'd say that you were lucky. Hope this one turns up to be the baby you so desperately desire. Good Luck! :)
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Thank you
Hey, trust me, there's no connection between the IVF rounds. Just because your first FET failed the second one has a lesser chance of success. Stay optimistic and keep your hopes high! The number of healthy embryos is never same as the number eggs collected, so you're not at a loss really. I had just one transfer and 1 frostie in the first round and had to go till 3rd FET in second round to have any luck with conceiving. I have had an endometriosis in past, so I guess troubles with getting pregnant are somewhat expected. Try check the video on embryo transfer by Dr Elena Mozgovaya - it tells you a couple of tips to get prepared for the FET at a personal level. Should be able to boost your confidence over the upcoming FET at least. Wish you luck for a BFP soon! :)
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Thank you
Well, it is really a technical issue a little bit. I even myself had an issue regarding my egg fertilizations when I was this surrogacy. Well, my doctors helped really well. I was Ukraine for the solution. I think you should consider consulting to a better infertility clinic about it. They might be able to answer your all the other queries.
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