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Hi there everyone, how are you all. I hope you all find this at your good. I am really worried that my baby is now 7 months old but he is not teething at all. I think now this is the time for him to grow his teeth. I am worried for him. I think it is some kind of issue. Is anyone here who has the same experience with his child. Is there some kind of problem with calcium deficiency or anything. Please help me friends. I am really worried for my baby. He is my only son. I want everything best for him. Should I consult some doctor or is everything good here? I am really looking forward.
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Some children get their teething a little late than their peers. Usually, the first 2 starts showing a little by the time the baby gets to 6 months old - - there's still time to call it late yet as it's been just one month. The parenting guidelines say you should consult your Pediatric dentist if no teething shows up by the time the child turns 18 months unless there are any other associated medical or diminished developmental issues.

The delay of 1 months could simply be out of the individual development speed of a child...which might not match others you know. Low birth weight can often be the reason for such small delays but it's nothing major really. Among the several reasons for teething delay, however, heredity has found to be `another the most common reason. Give it another month and see if it starts before being alarmed. :)
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Hello lady?Every baby is different but my baby starting teething at about 7 and 1/2 months. Her daddy got teth at 4 months. Babies are also always changing as I learn every day with mine. Something that works one day may not work the next.could be a number of things but for right now focus on the teething. My little girl loves cold wet washcloths to chew on when she is getting a tooth. Try that.
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I don't think he is at the age where you feel bad for this thing. It's just a matter of time. After sometime he'll start teething. After that he is able for solid intake as well. Don't worry everything will be fine. Just be calm and take care.
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jenifercox06 4 Posts Tuesday January 30, 2018Registration date January 30, 2018 Last seen - Jan 30, 2018 at 09:11 PM
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I don't think this is something to worry about. This is normal. Some kids get their teething after one year too. It's not something to worry about. Don't worry and don't take any tension. Everything is fine. Just be calm.
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