Don't lose heart, and keep faith

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hey guys. i have been going through such a great time these days. we finally brought home our little bundle of joy. her name is emma, and she is abolutely perfect. even though i didnt carry her myself, but i feel like there is nothnig and no one that i could love more than her. she has us wrapped around her little finger. i am so grateful that we finally have a little family of our own. i tried to concieve on my own for years, nearly four years. it was a really hard time. on me personally, and on our marriage too. it was really difficult to try and stay positive or happy when all you got was bad news. we tried hormone therapies, we tried ivf. i just couldnt sustain the pregnancies. it was really tough to get thorugh. i would feel so insecure all the time. i felt like i was hurting my husband and my family. as soon as we got in contact with the clinic about surrogacy, i started to feel better. it was like a relief of pressure. we got inot contact with a really lovely surrogatr mother who kindly carried our baby for us, and the clinic tok such good care of us. it was really a dream come true. i wanted to tell my story so that any other young couples woh are going through tough times who read this know, that its totally okay. not verone is able to concieve naturally, but that doesnt mean that we cant have families. there are ways for us to have children, and there are many different solutions. so don't lose heart, and keep faith. best of luck to all of you guys!
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Thank you
Hi there. Please. Don’t ever lose hope. Not in yourself. Not in your relation. Never. I know and I am sorry for you to have gone through so many difficulties, my dear. Such compilations do take a toll on relationships as well. I know how hard it is for you. Yeah. Surrogacy is a very good option for you. It is not only guaranteed but also 100% safe. Clinics do mostly all the work. I have a friend who was a surrogate mother. Let me tell you; she was damn happy about it. The baby gave her a new hope. Although, the baby was not her; the family let her meet the child every day or whenever she wanted. I hope all the people out there gets a message that this is a great Medical Advancement and go for it without having any negative thoughts. Anna.
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