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Hi! I am 35 years old. I am married for almost 4 years. I am trying to conceive almost 3 years. After a long time of sadness and misery, I decided to go to the doctor. You cannot imagine how sad and lonely I felt when the doctor told me that I am infertile. I feel that all of this is my fault. My friends and family are trying to convince me that I am not guilty of this condition. My husband tells me that he will be with me no matter what but I see the sadness in his eyes. I don't feel like I have anything to offer him to live a happy life with me. Can someone tell me what are the causes of infertility? Is there any solution for this problem?
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jadee00 3 Posts Friday January 26, 2018Registration date January 26, 2018 Last seen - Jan 26, 2018 at 07:57 AM
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Hello, marry William.Most common female infertility factor is an ovulation disorder. Other causes of female infertility include blocked fallopian tubes, which can occur when a woman has had pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis. Congenital anomalies (birth defects) involving the structure of the uterus and uterine fibroids are associated with repeated miscarriages. Aging is also an important factor in female infertility. The ability for ovaries to produce eggs declines with age, especially after age 35.
friendly_mum 13 Posts Monday September 25, 2017Registration date January 27, 2018 Last seen - Jan 27, 2018 at 02:48 AM
Hi Mary, don't feel so deprived and disheartened over infertility for none of it is absolute. Nowadays, with advanced clinical treatment and assisted fertility procedures 80% women who would have been otherwise childless can have children. :) Though there's more than a child that a woman has to give to man, I'll say hope is not fully lost yet for having a child of your own.

Your friends and family is right, it's not your fault and you didn't ask for it - self-pity won't help you-you need to figure out the factor that's preventing you from getting pregnant and try to circumvent it. What exactly is the problem that Dr mentioned? Is it ovulation related? Let me know how regular are your cycles and what's the AMH value detected. Or if there's something else that's been preventing you from getting pregnant? Once I know it maybe I can suggest something that makes sense and can be tried.

Just don't give up on hope yet and you've got to try what you can to improve your chances of getting pregnant.
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EminaD 13 Posts Tuesday October 24, 2017Registration date January 27, 2018 Last seen - Jan 27, 2018 at 04:37 PM
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I don't see from your post what is the reason for your infertility. Did your doctor told you what causes this condition? Depending on that the therapy is different. Talk to your doctor about it.
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gia9 37 Posts Saturday October 21, 2017Registration date July 21, 2018 Last seen - Jan 28, 2018 at 02:47 PM
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Oh dear, I'm so sorry that you had to be through all of it and endure all the devastation. What exactly the Dr said has been interfering with your getting pregnant, if you don't mind telling? I've had a long struggle of my own and know a thing or two that might help you understand your situation better. Also, I think hope is not lost all totally because medical science has advanced so much that you can think beyond the natural possibility. First of all you need to know the cause of your infertility - it's also important to get your Husband agree to his part of the diagnosis and treatment as well if needed. Let me know in details and I'll try help you to the best of my knowledge. Good Luck!
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pheobe412 178 Posts Monday January 22, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - Feb 2, 2018 at 12:56 PM
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I am really really sorry for your condition dear. May you get well soon. Don't worry there are other methods as well. You can go with them. All of the methods are good. There is a range of pricing between different methods. Surrogacy is bit expensive. IVF treatment is good. IUI could be done. May you get your baby soon. Take care allot of yourself dear. Best of luck.
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MelissaKirk 16 Posts Tuesday January 30, 2018Registration date February 7, 2018 Last seen - Feb 7, 2018 at 04:33 AM
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Hey there! There are many factors of infertility, for example, stress, excess weight, bad diet etc. And it's not your fault hon! So don't think negative, you can still make your dream come true with IVF. In vitro fertilization is the best and most safe technique ever! Much love!
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bennythegiant 21 Posts Saturday February 3, 2018Registration date March 5, 2018 Last seen - Feb 8, 2018 at 11:28 AM
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Hello there. I am so sorry that you had to go through all of this. I know of the pain when the doctor tells you that you are infertile. I remember when my doctor let me know about my infertility. It left me shocked and sad and for many days I kept crying and crying. I gave up on everything for almost a year until I got back the courage to find a solution to my problem. You are very lucky to have such a loving husband. We must feel lucky to have such loyal partners because, in today's world, only a few people get to find such loving people. My husband also supported me throughout all this time and handled all my mood swings with all the care in the world. I can never be thankful enough for having him. Your doctor must have told you the reason behind your infertility. It would be easier for me to help you out if I get to know the Exact reason behind your infertility, that way I would be able to suggest you the right treatments for you. Infertility can be caused due to two many many factors. Counting all of them would not be easy for me right now. Try to think of a solution instead of getting worried about it. If everything else gets impossible for you then you can always go for adoption or surrogacy. Do not lose hope so quickly, stay strong and I am very sure that you will get to have your happy ending very soon.
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Amenda123 8 Posts Saturday February 3, 2018Registration date February 11, 2018 Last seen - Feb 8, 2018 at 02:02 PM
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Hey, Marry! Hope you're doing good. I am so sorry to hear about the news. I would suggest don't lose just keep struggling. Technology has immensely improved! There are soo many methods that you could still opt for. You can go for IVF or IUI. Also, you can go for surrogacy, it is a great method to conceive. These artificial methods will help you conceive. Do discuss these with your DH and doctor. I know a lot of people talking about a clinic in Eastern Europe do try that out. Doing your own research is extremely important as it makes you more aware. Best of luck! Don't lose hope and be more positive. There is still a lot of possibilities that you can conceive and become a mother to a beautiful child. Sending baby dust your way!
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belastewart 6 Posts Tuesday January 30, 2018Registration date March 6, 2018 Last seen - Feb 9, 2018 at 01:53 AM
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I am so sorry about your situation. Just keep trying to finding the solutions. You are very lucky your husband is supporting and he is showing support. I wish best for him. I am sure there are many other process from which you can have a baby. Infertility is common, many women's are facing these kind of problem's and suffering a lot. I am facing serious infertility issue. But i never loose hope, i am trying and researching the best ways. Surrogacy is the process from which we can have a baby. wishing you best of luck for your future. Have a nice journey.
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FloraBiber 19 Posts Monday February 5, 2018Registration date February 27, 2018 Last seen - Feb 9, 2018 at 04:32 AM
Thank you
Hey there! My hearts cried after reading your post. Knowing that you cannot conceive is heart wracking. But my dear, it’s not your fault.
There are many reasons for infertility. Sometimes infertility is hereditary. Sometimes it is because of some diseases which you develop during your life. Infertility can be in both sexes. Both males and females are affected by it.
You have a very supportive family. You are lucky. Try to gather yourself up. And fight this evil.
Be strong.
Best wishes.
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