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Hey ladies! Welcome me as I am a new member of this forum.I have a question for you.I am 20 years old and newly married.I think my age is not enough to be a mother soon.I want to take children after some time.Maybe at my 24-25.I want to ask you that can you suggest me some names of birth control pills for some time?. From which store they are easily available?.I don't want to expose this matter to my family members and my husband is agreed with me.So it's not possible for me to visit my family doctor and discuss this issue.Hope so you can understand my point and will provide me sufficient information about my problem.Thank you.
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I'm not sure if it's even safe to take contraceptives pills without consulting a suitable Gynaecologist... only the name won't help you at all. Firstly, different countries have different regulations on medicines and even a contraceptive could be under the prescription-only drug and cannot be bought over the counter. Secondly, not every pill suits everyone. Besides the obvious brands, there are several types - some are progesterone only some are the mixed hormone. Last but not least, being hormonal medication each has a wide range of side effects and self-medication isn't a good idea with such serious kind of medicines. Therefore, it's best to go to a Dr and you can always find one other than the family Dr for keeping it secret from the family.
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Hey there! I hope you're doing fine. Now your decision regarding not having babies totally your choice. However, when it comes to about which birth control pill to have there always come a risk attached to it. That is because every individual has different internal body structure and different hormones. Therefore, if I suggest a medicine it might not be perfect for you and there could be side effects of that. Therefore I would suggest that you consult a doctor rather than take a risk.
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