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How do you handle a cheating husband?

I have not caught him actually but he has changed abruptly - always irritated and fins faults to create aggravation. As I am not used to arguments, I took no notice but as time goes, I am worn out with this kind of behaviour. Nothing seems to be good anymore with what I do.

There must be some reason to cause this behaviour until I find out the telephone calls made during wee hours. He refused and constantly deny when there are situations that needs confrontation.

Anybody on the same boat? I would greatly appreciate an honest opinion.

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Monday April 2, 2018
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April 2, 2018
Thank you
Hello, Evergreen☺️

How to handle a cheating husband?

Hmmm.... well first and foremost, as you have stated you haven't caught him in the act, so right now my guess would be that you are struggling with accepting, balancing and displaying your inner intuitions and emotional assumptions generated from the obvious changes in your household and marriage. Trying to avoid more conflict and confusion you seem to be taking the passive route, the " Im just going observe and see what happens".....

Obviously, something is going on with your husband whether it's cheating or not , I can't say..... My suggestion to you would be to try your best to step outside of your situation and evaluate things from the outside first working your way back in..... Often times when people we love become distant, moody or show changes in behavioral patterns the problem is deeper than our carnal or secular minds are trained to recognize.....

Think about anything that may have happened around the time you first noticed that shift in your marriage energy and vibrations; for example, have you all taking on any extra responsibilities that may have added unintentional strain to the growth and progression of not only your marriage but to your and/or your husband's individual mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, or sexual stability and security? Has something traumatic or drastic happened to your family or close friends? Are you guys setting aside time for eachother, to embrace one another and enjoy the presence and essence of the person that holds a bond/agreement to love you through every obstacle and achievement for the rest of life as we are TAUGHT too see it....

It's clear that whatever is going on you are aiming to understand it to the best of your individual capabilities....
Communication is key in any partnership, companionship, friendship, relationship or situationship.
Sometimes we have to remind ourselves as well as the other person's involved that issues, concerns, worries, problems and pain neither fixes itself or heals itself and we can't expect people to know how we feel emotionally unless we express ourselves with respect, love, and clear understanding.....
Don't just talk to your husband, speak to his mind, heart and spirit.... The only way to go forward is to first identify what hindered your progression, how it happened and why it happened and then focus solely on the solution to start your journey moving forward again.

Men are not as willing to submit to their emotions as we are, it's going to take the love of you to pull that out of him without making him feel less of a man..... Invest in gaining a supreme understanding of your spouse meaning everything, the good and bad, weaknesses and strengths; as well in opening the door for yourself to give others the opportunity to understand you supremely.....

If your husband is indeed cheating then as a woman it's your duty to evaluate self first to see if, by any unintentional chance, you have made your husband feel as though he doesn't satisfy you or have you lost sight on satisfying him. The human body is designed with a variety of sensations, desires and stimulations that all require to be revealed, released and nurtured. How does one explain that to their spouse of years? Well, frankly, it takes two very open minded individuals to be able to learn how to explore one another mentally, emotionally, and sexually..... Am I saying throw away all your morals, beliefs and values that make you uniquely you No by no means, but I am insinuating to find the avenues that allow you to be open and willing to compromise for the bigger picture of your union. Created as ONE, Separated in TWO but Degraded by NONE.

Speak to your husband , don't talk at him or to him.... But speak with him because when a person truly speaks from the depths of their inner self with genuine love and peace it's impossible to ignore them.... Allow yourself to dig deeper love...
Hope that this in someone helps .....

With SUPREME && DIVINE love,
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