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Hello Everyone,
The problems that are rising now a days are literally burst the mind of human being. First we tried allot and nothing's happened. Then doctor diagnosed some infertility issue with my husband. I really don't know what it was I am not such a technical person. We were so worried. After some days we took the test again and finds out it was nothing. We can try normally so we did. After 3 months of trying I conceived finally then unfortunately I had a miscarriage. It was so breath taking loss for us. Then we tried again for my conception process but then again nothing is happening and doctor told me to take IUI , trigger shot. I am so much worried. Please help me. What should I do. Should this test also be wrong like before. Are we going to conceive naturally again???
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Francemayfield 8 Posts Tuesday February 20, 2018Registration date February 23, 2018 Last seen - Feb 23, 2018 at 08:12 PM
Thank you
Phoebe! First of all, calm down. Relax. You are stressing yourself too much. That is not good for your health. I know you are worried but stay strong. You can't conceive successfully with these much things on your mind. Try to relax first, go for a massage and take a deep breath. And when you are settled down. Just change your lifestyle a bit. Eat fruits, vegetables. Take Vitamins. Avoid oily and junk food. No Smoking. No Alcohol. No other thing like that. and then try for IVF or surrogacy. Maybe you can't conceive naturally, I know that is hard to accept but you will have to accept that. And move on. It's very difficult to cope with. but stay strong and don't lose hope. Hope is the key to success here. Good Luck! Much Love!
NatashaLiam 98 Posts Friday February 16, 2018Registration date August 22, 2018 Last seen - Mar 16, 2018 at 11:39 AM
Yeah you are right.
Now at the age of 43 i am married again to someone else and we want a baby off our own.
I founded many clinics regarding surrogacy and i picked up the few clinics too for further discussion with them.
I contacted many clinics and told them every aspect of our complications.
From my last marriage i had many complications regarding pregnancy.
Like i was facing miscarriages every time i conceived.
I know at this age it is quite difficult to have a baby off my own womb.
Keeping in mind all the complications regarding pregnancy now i think i should go for some other option to have children.
So i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy to have our own children.
He agreed to my proposal so i started looking for clinics with good surrogacy records.
But i'm worried about many other aspects like my behaviour towards the baby after knowing everything.
Like when the baby grows up what i should tell him/her.
But now i don't have any other options left so far so surrogacy is the only solution to my problems i guess.
From their satisfied answers i guess some clinics are the best solution for having a baby.
So i suggest that you people should also do your own research regarding surrogacy and should contact different clinics for further details.
If someone is raising a baby from surrogacy method please share your experience with us so we can learn something from your experiences.
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Alessia.Violet 137 Posts Sunday January 21, 2018Registration date October 13, 2018 Last seen - Feb 24, 2018 at 11:03 AM
Thank you
I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. It must have been extremely difficult for you. Well honestly speaking IUI does work the best for if the male partner has a problem. IUI or even IVF both are really good options. I remember the clinic that I am visiting they usually say it takes about few months for the quality of the sperm to improve. They ensure that the quality improves first then the use it. So for that, they told us that certain medicines are given to the person. So I don't think there is anything to be stressed out about. As you were able to conceive before as well. You should try changing your regular habits as well. Ensure that you're eating healthy food and drinking water. Also, start doing exercises and yoga this is for both you and your DH. As this will help prepare your body for you to conceive. The other important part is that you should track your ovulation dates. This is the most important step. Anyways, if you do opt for assisted conception you should definitely ensure you visit the right clinic as that changed my life.
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Thank you
pheobe412 it’s your conception. This is because you make your mind set for this. Be positive and stop deducing results before time. It will be better than before. You cannot imagine your future on previous assumptions. Infertility can cope with surrogacy. Think about it and try to have an appointment from a best suitable clinic. It will help you. at least give you a direction to move on.
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alisa123 89 Posts Monday February 19, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - Feb 24, 2018 at 02:50 PM
Thank you
Hey Pheobe! I'm very sorry for your failures. Sometimes life tests us in different ways. We just have to stay strong and have patience. I know you're through a very bad phase of life but everything will be fine one day. It definitely will be. If you aren't comfortable with the IUI process then don't go for it. Think about surrogacy. It's the best option. The baby would be genetically yours. What else do you want? I think your body needs rest right now. So, think about it. Consult your doctor again and assure that is your infertility even curable. I wish you luck, mate. I wish all your problems get sorted out soon. Lots of love.
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PatriciaThorsen 2 Posts Sunday February 25, 2018Registration date February 25, 2018 Last seen - Feb 25, 2018 at 10:57 PM
Thank you
Heyya. I hope that you're doing good. I'm really sorry for your whole situation. You faced many problems, one after another. It must be really difficult for you. One best thing here is hope. You never left hope. This will truly motivate many other women here too. I must say that you're really strong. And I'm truly moved by this thing here. Yes, you should take an IUI trigger shot. Actually, you conceived naturally first, too. It can happen again. But no one can say anything about the consequences. Another mc can break you to the core. You should go for IUI. I think you should try IVF too. I don't think that the test will be wrong this time too, as you conceived naturally before this. It would definitely be helpful to you. I hope that you got my point. Take care of yourself. Much lovee.
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mistygray 132 Posts Friday February 16, 2018Registration date October 16, 2018 Last seen - Mar 17, 2018 at 09:33 AM
Thank you
Hey, Pheobe. Hope you are well. This must have been so hard for you. You have gone through a lot. You don't deserve this. I think I might be able to help you out here. There are more chances of IVF working for you than IUI. A couple of miscarriages are normal. They could happen to anyone. You should get your husband's test done. Maybe he has sperm motility issues. This could be the reason why IUI isn't working. IVF is successful for most people as the egg is already fertilized and developed outside the body. The rest of the process will be natural. You should consider this. Good luck.
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MaryJones998 29 Posts Monday March 12, 2018Registration date August 19, 2018 Last seen - Mar 17, 2018 at 02:16 PM
Thank you
Hi there. How are you doing? I hope everything is well. I am sorry you had to go through such hurtful things. It's really hard to hear when people have such stories. I have had infertility issues in the past too. I lost all hope. My husband took care of me. I would suggest you keep your calm. Be strong and keep trying. Keep your doctor in touch. Go for what he suggests. IVF and surrogacy are there too. I hope everything goes well. I wish you good luck. Hope to hear more from you.
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SashaMarcus 96 Posts Tuesday January 30, 2018Registration date August 19, 2018 Last seen - Mar 19, 2018 at 11:42 AM
Thank you
Hi there! How are you holding up Pheobe? Well, yes! I just went through your entire post. So, yeah! Well! I know it's really hard to conceive when you're an infertile person...Plus, yes! Chances of naturally are too low! I'm also an infertile person...I think yes! You should really go through an IUI. I'm also intended to undergo an IVF procedure later this year at a repro center in Ukraine. Wish me luck! Listen? Dear! I know it's not easy but you should really go for it! It will help you in conceiving... Stay blessed. xx
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