How successful is IVF in first attempt?

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I met my SO late if life (31 yrs) and we've had been TTC for past 2 years without any success.I wanted to know how successful is IVF in first attempt as I'm keen on skipping the whole IUI that my OB suggested me and move onto IVF directly. I'm soon to turn 35 (may 21st) and have around 1 year to get pregnant with the NHS programe. No assisted fertility is covered in my health plan after 36 years.... so kind of in a haste. I have had my AMH checked which is 1.9 and OB says it's well within the normal range. With SO there's some inconsistency in sperm count - he's just around 14million/ml which the Dr said can be fixed with some dietary and lifestyle changes. All I wanted to know was what is a chance of success in first round of IVF? And IVF vs IUI success rate?
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Alessia.Violet 137 Posts Sunday January 21, 2018Registration date October 13, 2018 Last seen - Mar 23, 2018 at 11:13 AM
Thank you
Honestly speaking with treatments like IVF and IUI there isn't a guarantee attached. No matter what clinic you go to they all will tell you this. However, if few things are done really well then yes the chances increase. You should improve your healthy lifestyle. Start intaking more carbohydrate filled with dietary. This consists of vegetables and fruits. Apart from that make sure the clinic you visit knows what they are doing. The part where the eggs are retrieved ensure that it is done with delicacy as that can scar your ovary. Other than that I hope the very best to you sending baby dust your way.

Thank you, Alessia.Violet 3

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Hi, nice to see your post. I am glad to see your post. We should not worry about the problem but find the solution to a problem. Infertility is such a worse problem for women. Honestly speaking with IVF and IUI treatment is no guarantee. No matter what clinic we choose for that. You should improve your lifestyle. I am also infertile. I choose surrogacy as infertile treatment. After surrogacy, I have 2 babies now I am happy.
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tandy789 37 Posts Wednesday March 21, 2018Registration date July 19, 2018 Last seen - Mar 21, 2018 at 01:30 PM
Thank you
"Hello, I just saw your post.
You asked that how successfull is IVF in the first attempt.
First of all, I must say that please don't lose your hopes.
You should keep patience otherwise will not succeed in achieving your target.
As concern with the IVF, I must say that it all depends upon the health conditions of the infertile mother.
The doctors take some tests and then they will decide that whether you should go for IVF or not.
In my opinion, IVF has very success rate but the thing is that you must discuss your issue with some specialized doctor.
One of my friend had gone through IVF and now she is the mother of a 7 months old cute little baby doll.
So you don't get panic at all. Have some faith on God.
And one thing I want to advise you that don't take any decision in hurry.
Because this is very delicate matter and so you should search from every place and website about IVF.
And as your age is concerned, I would suggest that if you finally decided to opt the IVF procedure and you succeed then after one or two year, go for another IVF to complete your family.
Best of luck and lots of prayers and wishes for you.
And please share your experience as well so that other ladies can get information."
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alisa123 89 Posts Monday February 19, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - Mar 21, 2018 at 02:37 PM
Thank you
Hey there! I'm so sorry to know about your story. I'm glad that you didn't give up and are opting for an IVF. I've heard very mixed reviews about the success in the first attempt of an IVF. I think it depends on how healthy and strong your body is physically and internally. Just don't lose hope. Everything will be fine. Stressing over it won't be helpful. Good Luck!
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Mar 27, 2018 at 04:08 AM
Ever since the natural TTC failed both of us made some healthy changes to our lifestyles... that includes a workout regime too. So, I can be quite contented with the fitness but then not so confident about the physiological fitness of my whole reproductive process...after all there is certainly some problem to have had triggered the infertility right. His sperm count did improve (14.6 million) after we started on with L-carnitine (was already on week 3 when I posted) as per recent tests...though there's more to improve. Thanks for inspiring hope... it means a lot! :D
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Angela1214 37 Posts Thursday February 22, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - May 19, 2018 at 06:47 AM
Thank you
Infertility has always cursed the family lives. It is really hard for any couple to believe that they cannot be the lucky parents. It is the time of desperation. Scientific research and technology have done miracles for people facing this challenge. One of the assisted reproduction techniques that is gradually becoming really popular is the IVF. This is a procedure in which the fetus passes through the early fertilization stage in a glass jar. It all happens outside the natural fertilization environment of any mom's womb. Once done, the developed embryo is transferred into the mother's womb. The chances of success of the first cycle are comparatvely higher than what you think. At the same time it is important to realise that things should be considered with all the pros and cons. Being a scientific procedure you can expect of anything. Any genetic imbalance or deficiency can be the cause of failure. This failure side must not discourage you either. A realistic looks into all situations and circumstances. I wish you all the best for a successful parenthood ahead.
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Jul 1, 2018 at 06:05 PM
@Angela Well thanks a ton dear one for taking the time to explain the IVF process in details! However, that wasn't really looking for a detailed explanation but an actual real-life comparison of success rates for IUI vs IVF. If you may go through the post again, it's just that we're in a race against time. We ain't getting any younger and all the reproductive functions are only going to get deteriorated with time. Also, next April onwards my health aid won't cover fertility procedures anymore... so let's assume all comes out of our pocket and it's gonna be a financial strain. I just want to decide my fertility road in a way to make the most of our resources ... both in terms of reproductive vitality as well as money. Haste is the need of the hour though. I have pretty much done some digging and almost made up my mind to skip IUI. Probably will get on with the IVF sometime in August... hope things just go well in our favour. Fingers crossed!
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scarett9999 66 Posts Saturday April 14, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - May 19, 2018 at 02:32 PM
Thank you
hello. how are you? since you asked about IVF. it's clearly seen that it depends upon the person's health but one can never say that IUI or IVF can be a sure shot. I think you should consult a doctor properly about this. and then come up with a decision. the main thing is it all about taking the chance. you don't know u might be or might not be successful. ill pray for you dear. really hope you conceive. take really good care of yourself. and let me know the updates too. will be waiting for your happy news. just keep calm. and take the risk whatever may seem more feasible to you. bye.
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Jul 1, 2018 at 06:21 PM
Hello Scarette, I'm doing fine as of now... also the responses from all you lovely ladies and some copious amounts of online digging have somewhat undone the perturbation quite much. Yes, you're right there's no guarantee really for success no matter whichever process I choose but I've got give it the best shot from my side. Owing to my age a clinic with considerably high success rate will offer me around 40% possibility or getting pregnant. However, with IUI at my age, one can have as much as just 15% chance. I did consult a reproductive expert in assisted fertility... and she straightaway claims IUI at this point as an unnecessary attempt... more because there's no major cause of infertility could be identified. I would surely love to hear some real-life experiences when it comes to IVF vs IUI but I guess I've already made up my mind, just waiting to make the move and initiate the IVF.

Can't really thank you all enough for the love and support! <3<3<3
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pheobe412 178 Posts Monday January 22, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - May 19, 2018 at 04:22 PM
Thank you
Its success rate is pretty much good. It depends on your case. If it's very much complicated than it's going to give you some problems but if not then it's not a problem at all. Everything is going to be alright for you. See dear, In a first attempt, you can't be sure about it. It depends upon the skills of your doctor as well as your fate. I think it's 90% depends on your fate. If everything is good for you. You don't have to worry about anything. Just pray for good. Always try to stay positive dear. You'll see that everything will go in your favor.
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Cary66 1 Posts Sunday May 20, 2018Registration date May 20, 2018 Last seen - May 20, 2018 at 12:49 AM
Thank you
Hi sweety, After reading your story I suggested you IVF instead of IUI. One of my friends also faces the issue. she wants the 2nd baby. Her first baby died in the car accident after that her life was very depressing. When she got the problem of the second baby she was 35+ age. So she started treatment. After going through IVF she was surprised to hear her pregnancy. Now she has a baby boy. hope well for you. Good luck
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mistygray 132 Posts Friday February 16, 2018Registration date October 16, 2018 Last seen - May 21, 2018 at 06:36 AM
Thank you
Hi. How are you doing? I have never done any of the two procedure you mentioned. But I do have some knowledge about IVF. According to my research, IVF might work in the first cycle sure in some cases. But the chances are lesser than the second one. IVF has more chances of working is the second cycle. I don't exactly know why that is. But a study has shown this. It is probably because of the difference in the environment and adapting to it. I'm not sure. The actual thing here is the health of the uterus. If your uterus is healthy enough, it might even work the first time. But if your uterus has problems in attachment, it would take more cycles. Good luck.
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Jul 4, 2018 at 10:51 AM
Thank you so much... for your valuable input! :) I haven't been through any either still, I believe whatever info I gathered will help me be more decisive.... likewise if you've had done a copious amount of online digging on it everything you say counts. Yes, I've read that too... the second attempt on IVF has better success rates... probably because of the through treatment and medication for prolonged time. But what I couldn't decide is whether it's a whole round the second time or a second FET. The second round is what I'm worried about right now a bit... because that'll be self-financed and we'll probably have to seek reproductive tourism if we're to continue with our fertility journey.
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pheobe412 178 Posts Monday January 22, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - May 21, 2018 at 01:12 PM
Thank you
It is pretty successful. I think it depends on your luck as well. You can't say that it's for sure. But it could happen for you. If your case is not that much complicated. Just be positive. stay calm. Everything will be alright for you dear.
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pheobe412 178 Posts Monday January 22, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - Jun 1, 2018 at 04:48 PM
Thank you
It has a very high success rate depending on your condition. I don't think you have to worry that much about it. Just give it a go. Leave everything else on fate. If everything went well then you are going to become a mother soon. Just be patient and give it a go. Everything will be alright for you.
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Olivia_29 27 Posts Thursday June 21, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - Jul 2, 2018 at 07:22 PM
Thank you
Hi Rebbecca. To say that IVF would work in the first try is a chance. But your chances might be great. Although it does take 3-4 treatments of IVF. But that should not let you down. Be strong and try it. Whatever decision you take be confident. Don't worry too much.
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SashaMarcus 96 Posts Tuesday January 30, 2018Registration date August 19, 2018 Last seen - Mar 21, 2018 at 08:05 AM
Thank you
Well, dear! that's really great that you're opting for an IVF. I'm also opting for one later upcoming June at a human repro center in Ukraine. So, yeah! Still, I'm also in my mid-30s...So, I guess there is a 30% chance of getting an IVF successful. Well, I wish you all the best! Don't over think! Just be calm! I wish that it works for both of us in the first round. Stay blessed. xx
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Mar 27, 2018 at 03:43 AM
Thank you so much Sasha for your good wishes! I hope the upcoming IVF attempt works out for you as well. It's just that multiple failures does make one cautious and inquisitive and I guess am just being a little paranoid about "what if's". Are you a resident in Ukraine or opting for some reproductive programme overseas? If it's the later what are the benefits really (I assume there will be some leniency on the financial constraints... that's what the overseas fertility aid are mostly meant for)? Is it your first IVF round?

We're lined up with a local clinic for now but we'll have to look for self-financed alternatives if the first round fails, I hope it doesn't get there though.
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pheobe412 178 Posts Monday January 22, 2018Registration date August 27, 2018 Last seen - Mar 21, 2018 at 09:53 AM
Thank you
Well, I am also worried about this. You see it's not necessary that it's going to be successful. It's even not possible that it is going to be successful in any trial or not. The condition that you told about yourself. It's really not helping in any way. It's possible that maybe its success in the first try. We cannot say anything. Anyways, Just don't lose hope. You'll be fine dear. Just give it a go. I wish you best of luck. Be strong.
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DeniseCastaneda 13 Posts Monday March 5, 2018Registration date April 1, 2018 Last seen - Mar 24, 2018 at 12:09 AM
Thank you
IUI has a 20% success rate. So I guess you have a better shot with IVF. Yes it is costly. But NHS will cover that for you. I had IVF. Worked for me during the first cycle. YAYYY. But the success rate varies among women. Just get your stats ok. Find a very good clnic. And start the process. You shouldn't waste time. I know you don't want to. I wish you good luck with all your endeavours. May odds be in your favour. Much love. Xx
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Mar 27, 2018 at 03:56 AM
Yes, we're covered for the upcoming round. But as you know someone who's been failing at conceiving for quite some time is in a permanent state of panic... overstressing on all the possible "what ifs". However, without the aid from NHS it will be impossible to finance the second round (if any) from our pocket as of now.. which is why I'm praying the round 1 works. I'm pretty convinced there's no guarantee of either...success or failure from all the posts here as well copious amount of online information digging.. but then an actual percentile is always little more comforting.
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MaryJones998 29 Posts Monday March 12, 2018Registration date August 19, 2018 Last seen - Mar 24, 2018 at 12:35 PM
Thank you
Hey there. How are you doing? This is great. I am so sorry that you had to try so much. I know it must be very hard. Waiting is very stressful. Especially when it's for your own child. However, IVF is a great option. I have heard a lot of stories about women succeeding on their first try. You will get success. However, you have to be strong and confident. Take good care and be positive. I wish everything works out. I wish you good luck. Take care.
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rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - May 18, 2018 at 04:36 PM
Thank you
Thank you so much ladies, for all the optimism you've instilled in me! I'll definitely implement the healthy lifestyle changes that some of you have recommended and will try to stay strong throughout. I'm talking to people who've had successful IVF for recommendations of clinics where they offer multiple tries at the comparatively affordable price tag. I can at this point consider IVF process abroad as well if that saves us some money and is reliable. My current clinic insists on an IUI round before referring to IVF, we're pondering on it. Meanwhile, we've both been prescribed medications for both of us to improve our respective shortcomings. Hope now that we've been active on our TTC things fall into place soon. Sending love to all you ladies!
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LydiaHarris 49 Posts Saturday May 19, 2018Registration date August 23, 2018 Last seen - May 19, 2018 at 04:25 PM
Thank you
Hi there! Yes! There are chances obviously! Last year, my friend Lauren had her IVF. She did conceive her first round. Now, she has a baby son. She had it at a clinic in Ukraine. So, yeah! Just go for it! don't overthink!
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Jul 1, 2018 at 06:34 PM
Thanks for spreading the positive new! :) I'd rather hear to the success stories and have myself filled with optimism than going for the process with all sorts of hopelessness pondering just on the odds. :) I've read about Ukraine and Czech Rep. for their recent breakthrough in assisted fertility especially as a part of reproductive tourism. I have till next April to consider on it...only if my first attempt fails. I hope it doesn't have to get to that though!
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Oliviasmit 95 Posts Friday May 11, 2018Registration date August 10, 2018 Last seen - May 20, 2018 at 03:55 AM
Thank you
Hi Rebecca So sorry to hear about your situation and I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I know infertility can be a very hard thing to deal with. I will try to help you out as best as I could. When talking about the success of IUI or IVF, women health comes into the matter. If your uterus is fit and health you would not have any problem and the chances of success are higher. However, it is not something that works for everybody. I did not work for me. I resorted to surrogacy which is a sure shot. Happy birthday BTW. Take care
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Jul 4, 2018 at 10:44 AM
Thanks, dear one... I'm really happy to hear that things did work out with you finally! :) I haven't yet get started on assisted fertility. So irrespective of the chances I have for success I cannot take the call for surrogacy right away... even if I agree to you that it's a sure shot way. As far as I've read it's a legal requirement to prove that no other process worked or there's a fatal threat medically if I'm allowed a full gestation to go for surrogacy... no matter the country.
Well, I can collect info, guidance and suggestions I suppose. I'm optimistic that maybe it won't escalate to surrogacy but then you never know and there's no harm in staying prepared information wise. Technically my clinic will urge me to go for IUI but knowing that it's my eggs I can perhaps decide on IVF instead to save us some time.
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Alana90 82 Posts Monday March 26, 2018Registration date July 30, 2018 Last seen - May 21, 2018 at 12:46 PM
Thank you
Hey there! Hope you are doing fine. To answer your confusion. It certainly depends on the age and circumstances. It is to be said that if you are 40's. Then your chances are decreased by 20 percent as compared to the women or females who are 30 and younger. Since you are 35 you have 38 percent chances of conceiving at the very first cycle. If all goes well with the procedure.
You have to be very careful when going with IVF as if little carelessness could be a great loss. I would wish you a very early considering.
Wish you a very good luck.
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Jul 18, 2018 at 04:16 PM
That was so nice of you to line that up so clearly.... thank you for your good luck! :) Yes, I can't help with the age. Do you have a data on how successful IUIs are when it's not male infertility and still unplanned? Actually, I wanted to compare IUI and IVF. But knowing that the round 2 if at all has to be totally self-funded I'm just keen on some success right on the first go. The IUI doesn't really seem promising and I really don't want to waste the time trying it in my aided funding than going for IVF. I thought knowing people's opinion and experiences will help me decide better. We've almost made our mind for skipping the IUI entirely. Have an appointment next month and hope to discuss moving onto IVF and twin transfer possibilities with my specialist.
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marrie07 19 Posts Tuesday May 15, 2018Registration date July 3, 2018 Last seen - May 21, 2018 at 03:13 PM
Thank you
hello there. I hope you are doing great. I wanna say that IVF is a very safe process. it is successful. it was for me. the success rate depends on the type of clinic you choose for the procedure. a lot of clinics with bad doctors and bad training can ruin things. so I think what you should look for is a good clinic with a good success rate.
rebeccaD 32 Posts Monday March 19, 2018Registration date July 18, 2018 Last seen - Jul 18, 2018 at 04:30 PM
Yes, you pointed a very important aspect, the clinic. The success rate also varies from clinic to clinic that's what I've gathered from the internet resources as well as some women who have had the ill fate to end up with shitty clinics. However, I'm pretty satisfied with my present one so far.... they've been really efficient and timely with the whole process until now. Also, I love their counselling part a lot... nothing is really forced on you. They tell you the possibilities that the scenario indicate and the suitable ways they can choose to deal with it... the choice is ultimately ours. Got to know from posts that some women are stuck with clinic do not allow jumping to IVF it just goes on the same way.... TTC, then medicated and monitored TTC, IUI then IVF. I'm glad I get to choose. On my next appointment, we're supposed to discuss IVF and how we can possibly add some extra % to the chance of success wrt my case. I just hope we don't have to get to round 2... fingers crossed.
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