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Hello Everyone, Hope so you will be fine. I'm here to get some suggestion from all of you. One of my friends is going for surrogacy. She had some complications while trying to conceive. Doctors suggested her IVF an option to become pregnant. She went to the clinic of Lotus. There she had many complications and finally, her IVF failed. Even after that, the option of IVF has also closed for her. She was so shocked at that moment. Now she is looking for best surrogacy clinics to have it. Any of you has any idea about the clinics that are best regarding surrogacy? It may help her. All replies are welcome. Thanks in advance
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Avaa81 34 Posts Monday June 25, 2018Registration date August 29, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 06:43 AM
Thank you
Hello, Julie. How are you? I hope you're okay. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend's problem. It really must be an awful situation. She must be devastated. I have no idea how she's managing. Failing IVF must have broken her. You have so many expectations for such procedures. When they fail, you don't how to act. It's really, really heart-wrenching. I'd suggest her to look at a clinic in Kiev. They have a really good reputation. They also have a really high success rate. I hope it works out for her!
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healthymom 16 Posts Tuesday June 26, 2018Registration date August 19, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 08:00 AM
Thank you
Hey!! I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept our heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your loved one. We pray the love of God enfolds you during this difficult time. According to me being in the strong favor of surrogacy. I am speaking this on the basis of my very own experience. People guided me wrong to go for IVF. I have been through many cycles. But each one was a bigger tension for me. It was a waste of money. I suggest you the same.
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Mitchael.1 18 Posts Monday June 25, 2018Registration date July 19, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 08:15 AM
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Hey I am really sorry to hear about your friend's experience. A failed round of IVF would have made her upset. However, why isn't she going for another cycle? Usually the chances of the success increases afterwards. Also, if she thinks its because of the clinic then she should visit another clinic for the process. The clinic I am deciding to opt for is also in Ukraine, however, I am glad they are professionals. Always check the success rate of the clinic before you opt for it. So many people make this mistake. Surrogacy and IVF both require doctors who have the experience and the knowledge to carry out such procedures. Anyways, I hope she is better now. It can be really upsetting especially when it is the clinic's fault. Don't let her give up. She should move forward, research and start her treatment. Infertility consists of many highs and lows. Sending baby dust her way.
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shenny13 34 Posts Wednesday June 27, 2018Registration date August 29, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 08:17 AM
Thank you
Hello!! I am amazingly sorry to learn about your misfortune. It would be ideal if you acknowledge our ardent sensitivities on the loss of your cherished one. We implore the adoration for God includes you amid this troublesome time. As indicated by me being in the solid support of surrogacy. I am talking this based on my own one of a kind affair. Individuals guided me wrong to go for IVF. I have experienced numerous cycles. Be that as it may, everyone was a greater strain for me. It was a misuse of cash. I recommend you to go the surrogacy
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claudiopeters 88 Posts Sunday March 18, 2018Registration date August 29, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 09:38 AM
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Hello. I hope you're alright. This is such a horrible story. I'm really, really sorry. She doesn't deserve this. However, tell her not to worry. What's supposed to happen, always happens. So she shouldn't lose faith. It'll work out for her. IVF is a weird procedure. It takes a lot of time to work, in some cases. I'm glad she's moved on to surrogacy. Surrogacy is a great process. It is safer and has a better chance of working out. Good luck to her!
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Fareen1 20 Posts Thursday June 21, 2018Registration date July 16, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 10:19 AM
Thank you
Hey dear. I am sorry to hear about it. It's really sad. It's awful. Infertility is really hard to bear. IVF also gave her tough time. I am happy that you are supporting your friend. Surrogacy is a good option. It is safe too. I am sure it will be successful. I hope everything will be fine. Keep us updated further. Give her hope. Everything will be fine. Good luck dear.
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aliayan 67 Posts Thursday June 21, 2018Registration date August 28, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 11:11 AM
Thank you
I am sorry for you. As you are growing old, it would be hard for you to conceive. I am sorry for what is happening to you. You are taking a right decision. Surrogacy is although an unnatural process but it is hope of many women. So we cannot call it wrong. Sometimes a woman cannot conceive naturally even they cannot conceive through IVF or IUI. So they are left with surrogacy option only. I have a baby through surrogacy and I don't think its wrong. I had 3 miscarriages and then a period of infertility started. I made my mind for surrogacy. It was like my last hope. I went to the same clinic and today I am a happy mother. I am planning to have another baby this year. I hope this would help you too.
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mistygray 134 Posts Friday February 16, 2018Registration date October 18, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 11:51 AM
Thank you
Hi. I feel so bad for your friend. So sorry that she had to experience this. Until now I only thought this clinic is not very good at replying to people. But this is too much. It showed how they don't care about their clients let alone the potential clients. I hope things work out for your friend.
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Alana90 82 Posts Monday March 26, 2018Registration date July 30, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 12:39 PM
Thank you
I am sorry to hear about what all happened to you. Haven't you researched over such clinic? Being a person who has no idea over the fertility clinic. But since I am a constant visitor of this forum. And it been a week that people have been reporting this Lotus clinic. And I am so aware know that I have been suggesting people to instantly switch their clinic. In case they are on this thing.
Ask her to stay positive. As she still has an option to be a mother. And this surrogacy procedure. Has been much success over the years.
I could assure you that she would be a mother with this procedure. The only thing you could do is to search for the clinic that has been creating success stories. And has much worthful history behind.
Stay hopeful stay positive. Good luck.
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NatashaLiam 98 Posts Friday February 16, 2018Registration date August 22, 2018 Last seen - Jun 29, 2018 at 01:18 PM
Thank you
Hello all!
My husband agreed for surrogacy so i started looking for clinics with good surrogacy records.
I founded many clinics regarding surrogacy and i picked up the few clinics too for further discussion with them.
I contacted many clinics and told them every aspect of our complications.
Now at the age of 43 i am married again to someone else and we want a baby of our own.
I know at this age it is quite difficult to have a baby off my own womb.
Thinking of previous complications regarding pregnancy i would not try to be pregnant again.
From my last marriage i had many complications regarding pregnancy.
I don't have any other options left so far so surrogacy is the only solution to my problems i guess.
From their satisfied answers i guess some clinics are the best solution for having a baby.
So i suggest that you people should also do your own research regarding surrogacy and should contact different clinics for further details.
Everytime miscarriage happened to me.
But i'm worried about many other aspects like my behaviour towards the baby after knowing everything.
Like when the baby grows up what i should tell him/her.
So i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy to have our own children.
Someone raising a child via surrogacy should share their experience.
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