What is fecal incontinence?What is Solesta®?

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Hi there,
Just want to give an idea about FI and Solesta®.

Fecal incontinence is commonly known as the bowel movement problems, this is the incapability to control your bowel before you can go to the bathroom. Fecal Incontinence is also the sudden leakage of foul odor or stool from our anus. For the many it is embarrassing at the same hassle whether we in work or at school, but for those experiencing this problem you should not hide yourself because hiding cannot give solution to your problem. The best way to do is to consult a doctor and seek the best solution for your health problem. The said health problem is common to women in the adulthood, due to diarrhea, poor health and even having difficulty during childbirth.
The good news is here, have you heard about this Solesta®, which is a sterile gel injected to the anus to cure fecal incontinence. This is naturally-made from dextranomer and sodium hyaluronate. Solesta® works through building layers of tissue along the area of the anus to prevent the immediate immerse of waste and let the patient be ready to unfill their bowel. Solesta is not for everyone who has FI. At this instance, it is still unknown who will be alleviate and who are not by the Solesta®.
This should not be used by patients who are seventeen years old and below. Those who have infection in their anus and experiencing problems like tumors and abnormality are not recommended to take Solesta®. Lastly, this should not be used by those patients who already put medical device in their anus and those who have allergies in the material content of gel.

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Thanks for the information, it is really helpful.