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Monday June 27, 2011
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June 27, 2011
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I asked myself a question since I'm worried about my health. I'm still young I'm 20 years old but when I was little and for some years I used to swallow a huge amount of sugar because I was always of same weight and wanted to grow in size.

Whether it be candy or small pad of sugar (20 times in a row) I ate to excess. Now when I take a glass of juice I feel a little weird, not necessarily bad but different. I am also sensitive to alcohol, I'm not good at all and the last time I took a strong alcohol which had a bad result.

My question is: is that because of this behavior when I was younger I trained my sensitivity to alcohol? Do I risk of developing diabetes young? To die young?

Thank you.

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Since you have been having too much sugar, I will advise you to get to a doctor for a blood test. However, there is not so great risk to get diabetes at this age. Though stop having so much sugar, you should rather concentrate in having a healthy diet and perhaps joining a gym if you want to grow.
Take care.