Diabetes patient getting dental braces

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Wednesday October 24, 2018
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October 25, 2018
I'm 38 years old. Very recently my front teeth started protruding outwards and I decided to fix that. But when I asked the dentist in Kitchener, he said it would take time since the braces won't affect like in kids and teens. I decide to go for orthodontic braces which were a big struggle. https://midental.ca/services/orthodontic-braces-orthopedics/ I had to keep the teeth clean at all times and the inner lining of the lip skin getting trapped in the braces causing wounds were often. I met many people and they all told that I will get used to wounds on the lips and slowly it will stop. I fear I'm on the onset of diabetes. I have checked and it has started to rise. I'm now really worried about the wounds and now with high diabetes will it cause any trouble. I have heard that wounds on diabetes person should be taken care of and too many cuts and wounds should be treated before getting sore. Now I'm scared of the cuts happening inside the mouth. Is there any solution to cease the wounds caused by braces?