Please help me to get rid of allergies

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Tuesday November 27, 2018
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"Many people are confused in choosing the eco friendly clothing assuming that natural fabrics such as cotton are greener than synthetic fabrics like polyester.This isn't always the case.

Conventional methods of growing cotton use vast amounts of potentially toxic fertilizer and pesticides.While it is possible to grow cotton without these chemicals,even organic cotton still requires large amounts of water.

One of my friend suggested some of the methods to get rid off allergies are:
1.changing the cloth materials
2.consult a better doctor
When I consulted the doctor,the doctor told me about the cloths or dresse I use and suggested the greenest fabrics, consist of renewable fibers which are easy to grow or produce.they use limited water and energy to produce and are recyclable.

Look for:
6.Organic wool

Hope this will help someone in future.Thank You!
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Thank you
Hi dear, this is such an important piece of information you shared. This is very important. You need to understand the comfortability on your body while selecting the fabric of your clothing. Choose the fabric that echoes your style and the mood of the decor in that room. Consider the scale of the pattern. Keeping in mind the skin comfortability and your style fabric should be selected.
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