Was it a psychotic episode or just a lot of imagination?

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Sunday December 9, 2018
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February 14, 2019
Hello, I am writing here because I am concerned, desperate.
In march this year my mother took me for 1 day to the hospital because I was at work and was very anxious and also laughed for almost no reason. I know imagine it was maybe a manic episode.I was very euphoric.
I had some interaction with some very strange people who told me very convincing things about me,online, like they know me and so forth and some of them approached me on the street.I then became somewhat paranoic,not always,but sometimes,afraid they will hurt me etc.Because one threatened me.
Then I had someone close pass away and started to read lots ot things on reincarnation etc, forums about other planets,earth,existence, conspiracy theories.I started to believe some of them.However I just continued my usual life.I sometimes thought I have psychic abilities.I was fully aware of my life of me, coherent,nobody noticed anything strange.Until my imagination was very strong and made connection to random things,thought I wanted to save the world, thought I can go back in time and so forth. I dunno it is like I actually believed things you only see in movies. So I was for 1 day confused indeed because I thought those people will hurt me and I have to be aware,and also thought I had turned back in time.
I went to a doctor,put me on abilify, took only few days,then I just didn't think about all these things.
And after a few months a doctor said that the episode in march had psychotic features. I am now fully conscious and I was then also, I was aware of what was happening but had that vivid imagination.
Was just imagination or also psychotic elements? I am now scared I will develop schizophrenia. The dr. where I went now said it is anxiety now and depression and probably due to extrem stress I had that stuff.
Please can you relate/ give insight?Help?
Only one symptom bothers me now but I had it for years, in a state of waking up from sleep I do hear noises,some sort of hypnagogia.Dr said if I do not hear in the day anything it has no meaning.
And random thoughts pop in my head,like words with no meaning,or words not related to what I am doing.
I am scared to death of this.http://www.deol.it/UserProfile/tabid/43/userId/1586/Default.aspx