Dental Models At Buyamag Inc Include All Dentistry Procedures Orthodontic Period

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Tuesday December 18, 2018
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January 4, 2019
- we established in 1995 in Carlsbad CA 92011 Buyamag inc provide dental models training simulators, manikin, phantom heads for dentistry schools education, practicing, training and teaching. They are the best tools for dentistry school students in hands-on training, gain professional experience and knowledge. Our mission is to help students in training professional techniques, understand teeth anatomy, structure, disease and gaining professional experience, skills, essential for their chosen future career practice. We offer dental professionals a wide variety of high quality custom made denture models, molds and related accessories, at reasonable and competitive prices. Stomatology model for patient demonstrations series help patients understand teeth pathology, diagnosis, and planning oral work to de done. Simulation training manikins, charts, posters, tooth anatomy charts, and presentation study kits used by universities, schools, patient presentation and education. Our orthodontic techniques training appliances and periodontal hygiene models for general oral health and calculus cleaning, stomatology implantation surgeons, periodontal students in universities. Adult education teaching model with removable lower teeth and toothbrush with variety implantation as well bone grafting new tools design for research companies. Special broken teeth, cavity cosmetic restoration models produced as custom made for laboratories, surgery professionals, oral anesthesia doctors, hygiene training procedure special customized and fabricated by Buyamag inc. We participate and present our educational models on professional conferences, conventions, trade shows, orthodontic and periodontal curriculums and courses with presenting variety dental education training materials and kits by www.buyamag inc 800-686-5232
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