Do we need to take any pre-treatment steps?

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Thursday June 27, 2019
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June 27, 2019
I am the 21-years old. I am finding it difficult to see things at distant places. But I can clearly read and work with the computer. So I consulted an ophthalmologist and wore corrective glasses. Even after wearing this corrective glasses I am suffering from a headache, eyestrain and squinting. My friend suggested me a laser vision institute in Boston. I have taken appointment there. Since it's not corrected by correction glass I thought of going for laser vision correction treatment(
). But I heard that if we do laser vision correction we need to take rest for a while.
Is this treatment painful?
If I am planning to take this procedure do we need to take any pre-treatment steps?
Since I am a software engineer, will this treatment be helpful?
I want to know all the pros and cons of this treatment. Kindly share your views.
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