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Monday July 1, 2019
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July 1, 2019
Hi friends,

I am living in Ontario with my husband. Last year, I delivered a baby boy. When I was 8 months pregnant and expecting to deliver the baby next month, I was afraid. Since my mother and sister were not with me, there was no one to give me the right instructions.

My husband told that he alone was enough to support me. But I was not comfortable with it. I was in need of a female supporter. So I approached for doula care services in Mississauga and found the support of a doula. She helped me and gave the right instructions. She not only gave me physical support, but she also supported me emotionally too. She gave me courage during my delivery and I could give birth smoothly.

Had anyone hired a doula like me? Please share your experiences. So that it can help the to-be mothers.
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