Having Cataract surgery

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Friday February 7, 2020
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February 7, 2020
My family and I reside in the Ontario province. My father is 60 years old, and he needs cataract surgery. We are thinking about doing it privately because we heard that the public wait times are around 5 months. Moreover, one of our cousins scheduled the procedure within a few weeks after his initial consultation according to the time that suited his schedule. So we thought considering a private approach for doing advanced verion cataract surgery ( https://jenkinseyecare.com/procedures-technology/cataract-technology/verion/) would be better. However, does anyone know how much would it typically costs, both for the procedure and for the lens? I can guess there would be a lot of variation between private and public, but I'm just looking for a rough price range. I have tried to find it online, yet I prefer to hear from people in real. Hope to have the replies soon.
Many thanks!