Teeth Whitening

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Wednesday March 18, 2020
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March 18, 2020
Hi Friends,

I need opinions about a dental clinic that offers teeth whitening treatments in Brampton.
Coming to the point. It has been so many days that I was thinking about having teeth cleaning. My teeth look yuck. It is yellow in color. Yes, I should have taken care of my teeth. My best friend is throwing sarcastic comments about my teeth. She told me that I have a golden smile and when I smile, it lights up a dark room. Even though she told it for fun, I didn't feel it good.

Now I need to get my teeth whitened soon. My cousin told that there are cosmetic teeth whitening treatments in Brampton( https://www.lakeridgedental.ca/services/cosmetics/teeth-whitening/) that give faster and effective results. Had anyone tried their treatment? Was there any painful procedure involved? Did your teeth get whitened? How much was the estimated cost of their treatment? Please do share your opinions and suggestions.