Constipation Problems..!!

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Thursday November 21, 2019
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March 23, 2020
I'm an engineering student, and now I'm stuck in my hostel room due to the travel ban because of corona virus. A few of my friends also got stuck in the hostel. So it's me and my roommate only left on our floor. We are in the same room for the last few months, but we never tried to be friends because he always seemed to be depressed, alone, and comfortable in his own company. But frankly speaking, I was with my people and never made an effort to make him comfortable with us. But during the last few days, everything changed. We started to talk and get to know each other. So that's how I realized, he is going through a hard situation. He has been suffering from chronic constipation for almost one year. It was so embarrassing for him to share this problem with us. He said that he had diarrhea attacks almost daily, and a lot of gas trouble. He used to cry sitting in the bathroom, daily. Moreover, our college is very strict about attendance, so that adds to the stress because he won't be able to sit in a lecture for hours continuously. His stomach makes loud noises, have gas problems, and can't evacuate his bowels completely. He started to fell life like hell. So that's why he appeared to be depressed and choose to stay always alone. So I thought I should help him somehow. So googled for constipation relief treatments, and I found some online products like stool softeners. I found a brand of colace products, they are providing colace capsules, stool softeners to treat constipation. So I would like to know whether these products are effective to treat constipation. I read colace is one of the trusted brands giving relief from constipation. However, I would like to know whether it would be effective for my friend. I would be grateful for your thoughts on this.